Thursday 27 September 2012

[BK Plastic Surgery] Make-up Tips : How to Make Smaller Face

Make-up Tips : How to Make Smaller Face

We all wish to have our faces to appear as small like celebrities,
but in reality, not many people are able to actually undergo 
facial contouring surgery due to its cost and fear. 
So, we are going to look at some of make-up tips 
to make your face appear smaller just by make-up. :) 

Try Highlighter 

After skincare and base make-up, try highlighter.
There are various types of highlighters,
but I personally recommend liquid type highlighters. 
They are also great to mix with BB cream or foundation. 

When you apply highlighters on T-zone and U-zone areas, 
the bony prominent areas will reflect light to create 
more dimensional appearance.    

Use blusher and shadings 

Applying blusher can create instant liveliness in your face. 
However, it is very important to choose the right color for your face. 
If you have fair skin tone, you should go for pink blusher, 
and for dark skin tone, you should go for orange/peach color. 
Choose a-tone-darker color than our face for shading 
and apply along your hair line to create a natural shading. 

 Use Eyeliners 

In order to make your face appear small, 
it is better to leave less empty space in your face.  
Thus, when you apply eyeliner, you should make the line to be 
bolder and bigger to create defined eyes. 
Drawing underlines can be helpful to create more dramatic looks.  

 We have looked at some make-up tips to create smaller face just by make-up. 
Why don't you complete your make-up 
using some of the tips we have shared today ? :)

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  1. Face thin tool is great This product is designed to help slim the face. I bought it to tighten my face instead and it did just that after the first time. It really worked my facial muscles in this area and made the smile lines less that day as my muscles underneath plumped up. My lower cheek tissue is even firmer to the touch. You can really feel it working, it has the right pressure. Be sure to put a little vaseline in the corners of your mouth when using as this can become a tender area after 150 squeezes. Excellent price. Is a bit noisy with a click click as you work it.