Tuesday 7 August 2012

Get rid of dark circles under your eyes

*How to get rid of dark circles under your eyes*

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BK wants to share its knowledege on how to get rid of those gloomy dark circles under your eyes.

As you know, dark circles are not paricularly helpful at making you look cheery or younger. Personally, I have to bother myself with the dark circle concealer every time I put on make up. 

But later in the day when my careful make up starts to get alittle messy, dark circles never forget to reveal themselves. It is annoying, but there is a way to deal with dark circles it turns out.

Causes of dark circle

Dark circles used to be seen among people in their 40s or above but nowadays everyone who sits in front of the computer can have them. Fat build up in eye lids is the most common cause otherwise but they can come from  problematic kidney, liver, lymphokinesis, sleep habit, stress, menstruation, etc  Poorly removed make up doesnt help either.

How to avoid forming dark circles to begin with -

+Never forgot to put on UV blocker before exposing yourself to the sunlight
+Carefully remove any make up residues from around your eyes, thoroughly wash your face, and finally keep your face moist.
+Wearing contact lens too long tires your eyes. Also, try not to sit in front of a computer too long.
+Give your eyes time to exercise or relax when they feel tired.
+Try not to rub your eyes so often - it can stimulate pigment build up.

How to get rid of dark circles -

Dark circles are caused by more than one reason but home rememdies or eye cream wont completely remove them. If  fat build up in the lower eyelids is casting shadows underneath, they need to be reduced - it's called eyebags removal. But if dark circles come from lack of fat build up, then fat transplant should lightens up your skin and gets rid of those shadows.

Fat cell relocation is one way of managing dark circles but there are many other methods for different circumstances, from which BK will help you make the best choice. 

Visit here to see some before/after pictures of eyebags removal surgery

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  1. But later in the day when my careful make up starts to get alittle messy, dark circles never forget to reveal themselves.
    dark circles under eyes