Thursday 23 August 2012

BK STYLE SMART NOSE - Hooked Nose Reshaping

A hooked nose is also called an aquiline nose 
because its shape is reminiscent of  a hawk break, 
with the protruding bone in the middle and the slightly lowered tip. 
Hooked nose reshaping has become very popular among women 
who are concerned about their nose appearing masculine.

There are two surgical methods for reshaping hooked nose. 

▶  Moderate Aquiline Nose
Simply trimming the hump with a special tool can correct the condition effectively.

 Severe Aquiline Nose
Protruding bone and cartilage are simultaneously resected.
Nasal bones are gathered to fill the gap created by excision of bone and cartilage.
The curved tip cartilage is raised, 
and autologous cartilage(septal cartilage or ear cartilage) is 
transplanted as the supporting structure, 

Duration of the surgery is between one and two hours.
Local anesthesia and IV sedation could be applied.
Patients can back to normal life after 10 days. 


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