Wednesday 22 August 2012

BK Style Eyelid Surgery

Which type of surgical methods is suitable for my eyes?
Eyes play a critical role for making first impression. 
It is important to find an ideal surgical method 
suitable for your eyes to make them look beautiful. 

Thin Eyelid

In case of thin eyelids, procedure can be performed 
by pinching the muscles with thread instead of making an incision on eyelid skin. 
This is a non-incisional method. 

Thick Eyelid

If upper eyelids consist excess fat, thick skin, 
or over-developed muscle, eyes may look puffy or swollen. 
Full-incisional or partial-incisional double eyelid surgery is suitable for patients 
with such condition.  

Small Eyes

The vertical width of eyes can be extended by double eyelid surgery only. 
However, inner corner fold removal  or outer corner extension should be performed 
with double eyelid surgery to extend the horizontal width of eyes. 

Wide Distance between Eyes

Mongolian fold covering inner corner of eyes may cause small appearance 
and wide distance between eyes . 
In this case, inner corner fold removal with double eyelid surgery can be performed 
to improve the condition.  

Sleepy Eyes

Sleepy eyes are due to ptosis in most cases. 
Ptosis is abnormal low-lying upper eyelid margin with eyes in primary gaze. 
Normally, upper lid covers 1-2 mm of the superior part of pupil. 
Ptosis can be corrected by shortening levator muscle 
with incision along the inner surface of eyelid or eyelid crease.

Wrinkled Lower Eyelid

Bulging lower eyelids with fat and loose or wrinkly skin need fat repositioning surgery. 
Incision is made under lower eyelid, 
and remaining fat is repositioned in a broader area with excess fat removal. 
Wrinkle removal with slight skin incision can be performed as well 
if there are saggy wrinkles beneath lower eyelids. 

Droopy and Slanted Eyes

For moderately droopy or slanted eyes, raising 
or lowering the outer crease line 
during double eyelid surgery can easily correct the shape of eyes.
But for severe cases, procedures such as lateral hotz by cutting the lateral end of eyes to correctly place the shape of eyes should be considered.

Asymmetrical Eyes

Most people have some degree of asymmetrical eyes.  
But for severe condition, it should be corrected with double eyelid surgery.

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