Tuesday 19 June 2012

People Start to Do Anti-ageing Skincare in Their Late 20s?!!

People Start to Do Anti-ageing Skincare in Their Late 20s?!!

A lot of women try to take better care of their skin due to prolonged hot and dry spell during summer season. Although people apply many types of cream on their skin, moisturizing does not always help to keep our skin soft, and even worse, people may have dry flaky skin. In fact, these conditions can lead to forming more wrinkles. It is inevitable, and almost impossible to naturally decrease the number of wrinkles as aging. So this is why people in their early twenties are so interested in anti-ageing even if we think they are young.

Anti-ageing has been highly recognized as a necessary treatment for those aged 30 or over. In fact, the process of skin aging starts at middle age around 25. The process and its effects are greatly influenced by environmental factors, for example, getting stressed when people work under pressure.

A twenty eight year old female said she’s been having Botox injection regularly to rejuvenate her appearance. While she’s working with many people, she found that someone looks older. Meanwhile, the other looks younger, they are the same age as her though. And she also mentioned “It was a good decision that I started to look after my appearance intensively and will take my time for quiet reflection and careful self-assessment as a good impression could be one of my competitive things of mine.

It is important to take good care of ourselves by learning about anti-aging and putting it into practice as soon as possible. As mentioned above, it is hard to decrease the number of wrinkles which you’ve already had by doing nothing. You’d better take some action in order to protect your skin against skin aging.

The natural aging process, also known as the beginning of the ageing process, is a continuous process that normally begins in our late-20s. Repetitive facial movements actually lead to fine lines and wrinkles. These could be permanently etched and difficult to avoid with unconscious awareness. So Botox may be the best option to halt the development of wrinkles because effects can be seen very shortly after the procedure. However, it does not last long so it is required to have the injection regularly.

Dr. Kim Byung Gun, director of BK Plastic Surgery Hospital, said “Many people think that Botox injection is just one of cosmetic applications that targets for people in their 40s and 50s. According to latest trends, the patients’ average age is getting younger because Botox is effective in preventing development of deep wrinkle by paralyzing facial muscles.

Dr. Kim also mentioned it is simple and suitable for those who don’t have free time to have surgery but we should be aware of its side effects since some of beauty salons and dermatology clinics perform using some of Botox injections, which are not permitted to apply, without a license. For these reasons, he advised that patients get consulted with abundantly experienced doctors.

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