Tuesday 15 May 2012

Short nose extension


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I'm going to tell you about short nose extension today :)

The most difficult operation of rhinoplasty is lengthening the short nose. 
The short nose are demonstrate as small nose, length of bridges are short and nose tip is pointing higher. Which are caused by short support structure inside of the nose.

There are two kinds of way to extend short nose. 

Transplant patient's autologous chondrocyte on the tip of nose 
or the septal cartilage and alar carilage can be used for extension of nose length.

★ Grafting autologous chondrocyte

When your tip of nose is slightly upturned, it is applied.
Autologous chondrocyte between the septal cartilage and alar cartilage can be used for extension of nose length.
This procedure is suitable for people with not enough cartilage on their nose tip. 
However in some case ear cartilage can be used.

 ★ Extension using  the septal cartilage 

If it is not enough to extend using the autologous chondrocyte, 
we use the alar cartilage on tip of nose for grafting.

After extracting some of cartilage between alar and lateral cartilage of nose,
your short nose is repositioned downwards and then we put the extracted cartilage into the tip of nose so that your nose can stay extended itself.

It takes between 1 and 2 hours to complete short nose extension.
Intravenous sedation and general anesthesia would be applied during nose operation. 

Major swelling will subside after 5~7 days and you can get back to normal life. 

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