Tuesday 30 August 2011

[Dr.Shin, Yong Ho/Dr.Lee,Seoung Hwan] mbc MuHanDoJeon - You are handsome(A vote for the most handsome)

MBC MuHanDoJeon 무한도전(Infinite Challenge) -2011.3.26
-You are handsome- who is the most handsome?

MBC MuHanDoJeon(Infinite Challenge) is shot! The stubborn pride of seven men!
Competition for who is the most handsome is keen!
Surgeons at BK DongYang are participating for the vote, MuHanDoJeon "you are handsome"

Dr. Shin yong Ho : " Their eyes are not normal, all of them."

'Crazy existence' Jung, HyungDon is promoting his malocclusion

Dr. Lee Seoung Hwan : "I would have recommended another clinic"
[ What a Joke!! :) ]

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