Tuesday 1 February 2011

[tvn]Martian X-file, “A Neanthropic Martian” A Plastic Beauty by make-up (2010.11.25)

Martian X-file, “A Neanthropic Martian”

 A Plastic Beauty by make-up
Advised by BK DongYang Plastic Surgery Clinic Dr. Ryu, Min Hee

Narration: The Martian who is transformed by only make-ups. How great would her talent in make-up be?

Let’s give a quotation for plastic surgery of her case. The expert looking at her face with no make up on. Doctor, who much would be the estimation for the Martian’s case?

[V]: If she undergoes plastic surgery following the recent plastic trend, then what would she need to do and how much would that be?

Dr. Ryu, Min Hee (BK DongYang): First of all, it is important to make the whole facial appearance in proper proportions. And according to the ideal ratio, it is important for to make the forehead line to be lower by hair transplantation, and eyes can get bigger with double eyelid surgery…]

[Narration: Well... it seems to be a lot of work. It must cost a lot.]

Dr. Ryu, Min Hee (BK DongYang): About a million Korean won for the lip is included, then would it cost around 18~19 million Korean won? Approximately, it would cost 20 million Korean won.

[V]: 20 millions Korean won?

[ The total estimated cost of surgery for eyes, nose, mouth, forehead and cheek bone is 20 million Korean won]

[V]: Please take a look at this photo.

[Dr. Ryu, Min Hee (BK DongYang): Has she not gotten any surgery?]

[V]: Did she only put a make-up on?

Dr. Ryu, Min Hee (BK DongYang): Fantastic!

[V]: The fantastic make-up technique of the Martian which is acknowledged by a plastic surgeon as well.]

Dr. Ryu, Min Hee (BK DongYang): Even I, as a plastic surgeon, is surprised that one can get transformed as this much from make-up only.

[V]: How much of a quotation would you give her for this case?]

Dr. Ryu, Min Hee (BK DongYang): In comparion with surgery, it would be as same as the given estimation, whichi is about 20 million Korean won.]

[V]: Doesn’t she need a plastic surgery in this case with make-ups?]

[Dr. Ryu, Min Hee (BK DongYang): No, she doesn’t. She can get a same effect of plastic surgery from putting continuous daily make-ups only.

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