Tuesday 1 February 2011

A ten million Korean won doesn’t matter~!Attract rich Chinese plastic surgery tourists!

Attract rich Chinese plastic surgery tourists!
Advised by Dr. Kim, Byung Gun   
BK DongYang PlasticSurgeryClinic

[Announcer1: I heard that Korean plastic surgery techinque is so popular in overseas, especially loved by Chinese. ]

[Reporter: That is right. Korean craze is incredible in China. Chinese women desiring for beautiful appearance like Song, Hye-Kyo or Fin.KL are visitng Korea. This means that they are coming to Korea for the plastic surgery tour. So, we discolsed the actual conditions of plastic surgery tour. ]

[Dr.Kim, Byung Gun (BK DongYang): The most of the foreign patients are from China, and the number of Chinese patients coming to the clinic for having plastic surgery is about 100~150 per month. ]

[Reporter: Korean plastic surgery technique has already gained publicity in China. ]

[Chinese plastic surgery tourist: Many of my friends got surgeries in Korean plastic surgery clinics, and I came to visit here since the results of their surgeies seem greatly effective.]

[Reporter: Chinese plastic surgery tourists coming to Korea, looking forward to become a beauty. Wish them to deliver the beautiful image of Korea.]

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