Monday 31 December 2012

[BK Plastic Surgery] Anti-Aging- Lower Blepharoplasty(Lower eyelid lift)

Anti-Aging- Lower Blepharoplasty(Lower eyelid lift)

As we grow order, we could find out that there are deeper wrinkles on face.
Especially in case of crow's feet, many women are concerned
since it seems more obvious than other part's.

Today, we are going to talk about
Lower blepharoplasty(lower eyelid lift) at BK Plastic Surgery Hospital.  

Generally, anti-aging process on lower eyelid occur faster than upper eyelid.

Due to fat deposits on lower eyelid, they are easier to become saggy.

Fats underneath eyes, saggy eyelids and dark circles may create
much older and unpleasant appearance.

Thus lower blepharoplasty should be considered.

Cases requiring Lower Blepharoplasty

-Wrinkles below eyes due to aging process
-Droopy eyes below eyes
-Burging lower eyelids
-Dark circle

In case of lower blepharoplasty, various surgical method can be applied
according to the condition of muscle, fat or skin condition on lower eyelids.

* Bulging eyelids with droopy or wrinkled skin

① Begin procedure with local anesthesia, then resect near the lower eye lashes.

② Remove excess fat and skin, then relocate remaining fat.

③ Pull up the skin and muscle to fix firmly.

④ Suture along the lower eye lashes to make the sugical sites invisible.

* Bulging eyelid due to the excess fat only

① Begin procedure with local anesthesia,
then resect approximately 5mm underneath the eyelid.

② Remove excess fat.

③ Relocate remainign fat, then fix firmly.

Significance of lower blepharoplasty(lower eyelid lift)

- Recovery period is relatively short since there is no scar and swelling induced
when the procedure takes place underneath the loewer eyelid.
- Possible removal of all excess fat and wrinkled skin with incision along the eye lash line enables fixation for broader area.
- Improvement of mid facial wrinkles can be performed as well as with the incision along the eye lash line.
- Youthful appearnace with anti aging effect

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