Saturday, 23 June 2018

Agreement signing of BK Plastic Surgery Hospital and Fraser Place!

Hello! It’s BK Plastic Surgery Hospital!

Yesterday on June 22nd, there was MOU agreement ceremony between BK Plastic Surgery Hospital and Fraser Place Hotel located near City Hall station. 

Special service and benefits are offered to foreign patients from BK Plastic Surgery Hospital when they stay in Fraser Place Hotel.
The agreement also includes the condition that staffs in Fraser Place Hotel will be offered special service from BK Plastic Surgery Hospital.

On this day, a number of people attended this ceremony including the general manager of Fraser Place Hotel.

Thanks to the staffs’ efficient and thorough preparation, the agreement signing and the meeting proceeded smoothly. 

At this agreement ceremony, Dr. Rhee Byung Jun, Dr. Jeong Cheol and staffs from the marketing team were on the scene.
After a short tea time, Dr. Rhee Byung Jun signed the agreement form for business tie-up with the Fraser Place as the representative of BK Plastic Surgery Hospital! 

Dr. Rhee Byung Jun also gave a short speech right after the agreement signing.
He expressed high hopes for prosperity on both sides of the hospital and the hotel and promised to show the best effort to keep the relationship amicable and strong.

We wish for the fruitful result like Dr. Rhee said as well. 

After ending the agreement ceremony on a good note, we had a tour of the hotel’s sky lounge of the roof top floor.
 The staff was able to enjoy the breathtaking view of Seoul from the top floor.

The rooms in the Fraser Place were also spectacular as much as the roof top lounge.
All the views from the rooms were magnificent and 
the interiors were exquisite and stylish!
We promise to let you peek in on the rooms in Fraser Place Hotel later. ^^

On scorching hot summer days like now, 
taking care of yourself to stay healthy is crucial!
Just as we strive to keep out physique fit and condition healthy, we at BK Plastic Surgery Hospital will give all we’ve got to provide satisfying and sound service to the patients.

Kitty's Real Story in BK Plastic Surgery Hospital!

We introduce our newest BK model Kitty @kittyjberry who visited BK Plastic Surgery Hospital in Korea to get the treatment she's been longing to get! Let's follow Kitty's surgery process from her first day of surgery to the last visit while she stayed in Korea!

We can't wait to see Kitty's result after the required time has past!
Bk misses Kitty and looks forward to seeing her change and her revisits this Summer!

Tuesday, 19 June 2018

[Organic Life News] Natural adhesion method of blepharoplasty can make natural-looking double eyelids without using tapes or glue

Natural adhesion method of blepharoplasty can make natural-looking double eyelids without using tapes or glue

There are so many young teenagers who use glue and tapes in an attempt to make double eyelids but they don't realize what frequent use of these on the eyelids may cause. 

Dr. Rhee Byung Jun in BK Plastic Surgery Hospital warns what these temporary habits may lead to and gives out information on Natural Adhesion method in Blepharoplasty which creates natural fold on the eyelids without surgery scars. 

Check out the what the article covers on the surgery method!  

Monday, 18 June 2018

[Kore Kulture] 'Understanding Reconstructive Plastic Surgery & Cosmetic Surgery In South Korea' - By Karen Lee

Did you know our recent BK Model, Karen Lee, is a journalist covering many aspects of different country's culture? 🤗
Karen has published an article of Dr.Kim Byung Gun's interview on the different concept between plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery, how the training for each area is different and other informative knowledge and tips on Korean cosmetic surgery. 

Check out her newest article of the interview with Dr. Kim Byung Gun and learn more about the field of cosmetic surgery! 

Saturday, 16 June 2018

[Psychiatric News] Eye shapes that look sleepy and dull can be improved by Ptosis Correction

When choosing the type of double eyelid surgery, it is crucial to check the condition of the eye shape and the eyelids.

It is extremely important to check if there is ptosis, which refers to the symptom of flaccid eyelids covering more than half of pupil, leading to poor eyesight. Regular blepharoplasty

Dr. Jeong Cheol from BK Plastic Surgery gives information on the effect of ptosis corretion, the different method of the surgery and the need for accurate diagnosis of the eyelid condition and consultation with the professional medical staff when deciding to go through blepharoplasty.

Friday, 8 June 2018

BK Model, Karen Lee’s Real Story!

Its BK Plastic Surgery Hospital, the center of Korean Plastic Surgery.
Ta da!
Today, BK Plastic Surgery Hospital introduces BK Model Karen Lee following up on model Kitty.


Karen came to Korean BK Plastic Surgery Hospital through many visits in SG BK clinic!
Karen is a working mom, building her career as a journalist writing articles on different cultures in diverse countries both online.
She visited Korea this summer for her family vacation, and scheduled to get revisional epicanthoplasty, upper blepharoplasty and doublo-lifting laser treatment in BK Plastic Surgery Hospital. ^^
Lets take a look at Karens expedition to become more beautiful!

Doublo-Lifting laser treatment
in BK Plastic Surgery Hospital!>
Doublo Lifting is a laser treatment that shoots High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) into the skin layer which brings improvement on wrinkles, recovery on elasticity, helps loose chin line and cheeks to tighten up and fade the nasolabial fold by inducing the already-loosened collagen tissue to tighten up and generates the collagen.


Karen said that since she entered middle age, her double eyelids became loose so she planned to get revisional surgery that will make her eye shape more defined and look younger.

Through in-depth consultation, she clarified her wish to have bigger eyes with natural looking crease for her double eyelids and to shorten the distance between her eyes for more sophisticated look. She also added that she wanted to rejuvenate her skin to look younger with getting the Doublo-Lifting laser treatment at the same time.  


Dr. Kim Byung Gun who always brings satisfying result to the patients marked the incision site on Karens eyelids for the natural-looking result that she wanted. She was filled with half anticipation, half nervous since this was her second time to get the double eyelid surgery. We captured her in a brief interview video just before her surgery began.

After the surgery, Karen took a short break in the recovery room and went back to her hotel room. Lets see how shes doing the next day when she visited for sterilizing the eyelids, shall we? 

This was the day right after surgery, so the bruises and swellings came up and was most visible.

Despite what must have felt uncomfortable, Karen showed good spirit with her bright smile. You can see how her face shines with her smile out of high-hopes! ^^
She was also deeply satisfied with the Doublo-Lifting laser treatment and gave us 
the thumbs-up.  


On the last day of treatment, a week from the surgery, the stitches were removed.

The consultant was thorough in giving out instructions for follow-up care so that Karen can take good care of the surgery area when she got back home in Singapore.^^


Karen came for the last visit with tomorrow as the departure date.

We will remember optimistic attitude and her bright and beautiful smile. ^^
BK Plastic Surgery Hospital wishes time spent in Korea lives on as a happy memory and we look forward to her change as well!

For more information on BK Plastic Surgery Hospital where Karen came to become more beautiful, click

Thursday, 7 June 2018

[Organic Life News] ‘With highest revisional surgery occurrence, proper method must be decided in Rhinoplasty'

Among all other plastic surgeries, Rhinoplasty shows the highest frequency of revisional surgery due to unideal surgery method or shape of nose. Dr. Koh Eun Seok in BK Plastic Surgery Hospital shares tips on how to decide the best method for their first nose surgery and how to avoid the need for revisional surgery. 

BK Oil Foam Cleanser only in BK Plastic Surgery Hospital!!

The only #Oil_Foam_Cleanser BK Plastic Surgery Hospital 
made with all sources of beauty!

It removes make-up and other remnants with all-natural oil from olive, jojoba, and sunflower,and has cleansing effect from bubble foam.

Myriads of ingredients good for the skin!
Take care of your skin with the best skincare products!^^

Tuesday, 5 June 2018

BK Model - Kitty J. Berry's Real Story! From Treatment to the Last day in the Hospital!

Let’s explore BK Model Kitty’s Acculift Treatment Experience~

It’s BK Plastic Surgery Hospital, the center of Korean Plastic Surgery.

Do you remember BK Model Kitty who visited BK Plastic Surgery Hospital a few days ago?
For those of you who have missed out,
Kitty is a cosplayer from America who enjoys costume play (aka ‘cosplay’) reviving each different characters from well-known animations or game.
She paid a visit in Korea to get “Acculift” for a present for herself for this year’s golden birthday!

* What is “Acculift” treatment that Kitty received?
Acculift is a lifting treatment that melts the sagging or protruding fat on areas like nasolabial fold, double chin, lower eyelid bags. This treatment can contour your face to look younger with firmer skin and sharp silhouette.  

To check out Acculift (Accusculpt) :  


Dr. Rhee Byung Jun who gave Kitty the Acculift procedure gave a detailed explanation on post-surgery cautions, follow-up care directions and gave the follow-up treatment on the surgery area. ^^

If the after-care treatment is thorough as well as the Acculift treatment, the result would be more satisfying, right?
We at BK Plastic Surgery Hospital bring satisfying surgery result with high level of safety by running the treatment rooms systematically in order to minimize the discomfort from the surgery.


Kitty’s photo shot after the treatment~!! How does she look?^^
It’s only been three days since Kitty had the Acculift so her chin feels stiff and there are some swellings but she was thrilled to feel he chin-line looked more sharp and slim in the picture. ^^
This day, she took her time exploring the hot places in Seoul and had fun~! 

Now, it’s the 5th day after the surgery!
Kitty came to the hospital for the last after-care treatment!
She was to go back to USA this day, so she took her time asking questions on after-care directions when she got back in USA. 


She also took her photos with the doctor and the consultant too!

Kitty always showed her optimism and cheerful attitude even when she must have felt discomfort from getting the surgery in the hospital~
She was a beauty inside and outside! ^^


Kitty got in the airport taxi the BK Hospital called to arrive.

We waved our good-byes. BK staff will miss her very much!
We at BK hope the time spent in Korea and in BK Hospital left a good memory and we will be looking forward to hear from her and see her beautiful smile with surgery results! ^^