Saturday, 15 September 2018

[Interview] “For natural baby-face effect from fat graft procedure, thorough planning is key”, Dr. Kim Byung Gun

Fat graft is one of the most popular procedure that could make your face look more younger and vibrant with fuller favial volumn.

Like a deflated balloon, your facial volumn decreases and skin looses elasticity as your skin ages. To replenish this loss of facial volumn and elasticity, the quick and easy way to recover from the aging process is to get a fat graft.
 Dr. Kim Byung Gun of BK Plastic Surgery Hospital explains how the fat graft procedure works, what the effects are, and what to do to prevent possible side-effects in the article on Sisa Today Sisa On.

Saturday, 1 September 2018

Make Advance Appointments for this Choosuk, Traditional Korean Thanksgiving Holidays!

Korean Thanksgiving Holidays is at the end of this month, September! ๐ŸŽ‘
Use this opportunity to upgrade your beauty and make an appointment to get consultation beforehand! ๐Ÿ˜‰


Friday, 31 August 2018

[BK MODEL] BK Model, Kitty J. Berry’s Updates!

BK Model, Kitty J. Berry’s Updates!

It’s BK Plastic Surgery Hospital, the center of Korean Plastic Surgery.

Do you remember BK Model Kitty?
She came to BK Plastic Surgery Hospital in May this year for her golden birthday to treat herself an Acculift treatment on her lower chin area.

ACCULIFT(as known as ACCUSCULPT laser), is used to selectively dissolve fat tissue in an accurate and safe way, so as to smooth and slim down the face and make the body appear smoother and tonedThe fat repositioning effect also helps lift and tighten the skin.

So far, it has been 3 months since she got the treatment!
Let’s check her status change as the time went by! ^^


< Before Acculift (Accuscuplt) >
This is the photos that show her profile both right and left before the Acculift procedure.
When she came in for consultation, she expressed her wish to get rid of some jowl fat removed which always bothered her when she took photos or looked in the mirror.

< After 1 Month >
This is one month after the surgery. There are still some swellings left and it takes more than a month for the lifting effect to show visually so there is not much difference shown. 

Usually, the Acculift surgery takes from 2 to 4 months to show the full effect and lasts to 6 months or more depending on how well you follow the after-care instruction, like frequently wearing the pressure garment for your chin, paying attention to the calorie intakes and watching out for fatty food.

Let’s see the 2 month post-surgery photos, shall we?

< After 2 Months >

Kitty clearly followed all the instructions since the change seen in this picture taken after 2 months is conspicuous! ^^
Her jaw line seems slimmer and sharper with no sign of sagged down skin or fat!

To check out the change more clearly, photos contrasted photos are shown below.

Acculift treatment can be performed on both face and body. Unlike liposuction, it also has lifting effect, improving skin elasticity, which is why it is usually performed on facial area. It eliminates target fat using intense laser wavelength, requires short procedure time of 30 minutes, and recovery is quick.
Unlike liposuction, Acculift dissolves the fat cells instead of getting rid of the fat, which is why it takes more time for the effect to show but accompanies the skin tightening result by improving skin regeneration and promoting collagen production.

The average duration is officially known as 5 to 10 years but can vary depending on the patient’s age due to the aging process.

We’re happy Kitty’s procedure showed result so soon and look forward to see Kitty’s pleasant smile on her SNS!

To learn more about Acculift or make an appointment for consultation, visit BK Plastic Surgery Hospital website at

BK supports your aesthetic beauty and boosts your confidence! J

Thursday, 16 August 2018

BK Model, Foyce’s Real Story!

It’s BK Plastic Surgery Hospital, the center of Korean Plastic Surgery!
This summer is turning out to be one of the hottest Summer, reaching the highest temperature in 112 years! Hope you guys are surviving this hot wave!

Today, we have another new face to introduce~!
Ta da! We introduce BK’s new model, Foyce!

Foyce is a celebrity in Singapore with multiple TV commercials and also a career as a singer!
Foyce who had many talents and an attractive voice, visited BK Hospital to find out her options for her nose surgery.
She also wanted to check out the general anti-aging procedures like face-lifting treatment, botox and filler for younger appearance.  

Foyce is getting the consultation with the consultant now^^
Foyce already have had rhinoplasty once before.
But her nose shape changed from the first time she got the surgery as time passed and she was looking into revisional rhinoplasty.
As her skin aged with passing time, skin elasticity decreased so she wanted to find out what options were available for her to fill up the sunken facial areas, fade the nasolabial fold and the wrinkles on forehead.

After that she sat down and got right down to business during consultation with Dr. Kim Byung Gun to find out which method of surgery she was planned to get!
First, Foyce’s width of the nose wing(nasal ala) will be narrowed down and the nose tip will be higher with a slight curve in the nose bridge, creating a delicate and pretty nose shape.
Her sagged cheek will be lifted up with Thread Lift procedure and botox and filler will be used to fade out the wrinkles on forehead and glabella and fill up the crease on nasolabial fold.^^

< Let’s stop here and find out about Thread Lifting procedure Foyce is getting !!>
Thread Lift is one of the treatment that gets the spot light for its fast effect.
It guarantees safety by using PDO thread approved for its safety by KFDA!
Inserted thread is absorbed inside the skin and activates the collagen work on the dermis, showing the lifting effect, elasticity increase and wrinkle correction. This procedure can be performed on any age!

It is popular with short duration of the procedure and non-incisional method, and requires shorter recovery period compared to regular face lifting surgery with incision which leads to high demands.

Since this is the second surgery for her nose, she got the surgery with extra care and attention from the medical staff.
Let’s check out how she turned out after the surgery, shall we? ^-^

After 3 post-op treatment in total, she finally got the band-aids removed from her nose!
Her swellings subsided much better compared to the first day of treatment, so she looked more natural on the last day here.

This shows before the surgery and 5 days after the surgery. There was still some mild swelling, but her profile shows definite change, doesn’t it?

Her slightly up-turned nose transformed into natural shape with the curve on nosebridge.
Foyce was so happy and satisfied with how she looked in the mirror! ^^

Foyce was enthusiastic to all the interviews and photo shooting throughout the journey and was very friendly to all the staffs in BK Hospital !
We root for her successful TV career with her upgraded beauty, and look forward to hear from her on her Singapore TV appearance and entertainment activities! ^^

We support Foyce’s BK model activities and her entertainment show biz career along with her singing career!

*For more information on BK Plastic Surgery Hospital where Yani paid a visit to become more pretty, click

**Check out her Real Story video and interviews for each day of the surgery process on the links below!

2.     Pre-surgery Interview:  
3.     Interview before Consultation:
4.     Interview before Surgery:

5.     Interview after Last Treatment (Last Day): 

[Sisa Today Sisa On] Dr. Jeong Cheol, "Canthoplasty is most effective when the face shape and the eye shape are analyzed before the procedure"

Dr. Jeong Cheol of BK Plastic Surgery Hospital explains the types of Canthoplasty, possible side-effects and precautions to avoid getting the revisional surgery in 'Sisa Today Sisa On' on August 14th.

Check out the articles and find out about Canthoplasty!

Saturday, 28 July 2018

BK Plastic Surgery Hospital’s Convenient Payment System

BK Plastic Surgery Hospital’s Convenient Payment System

Hello, it’s BK Plastic Surgery Hospital!
Starting from the end of 2017, BK Plastic Surgery Hospital located near Sinsa station established a efficient payment system for patient’s convenience!
Let’s find out what payment options are available!

BK Payment System 1. BitCoin
2017 was one of the hottest year with Bitcoin craze prevailing.

BK Plastic Surgery Hospital is the very first plastic surgery hospital to accept Bitcoin payment system!
The deposit can be transmitted locally and internationally, and when the payment is made in the hospital, you can simply get a QR code on the spot and send the money to the BK Hospital’s Bitcoin Wallet!
We also issue cash receipt for Bitcoin payments!
Every payment we receive is handled transparently so you can trust and visit BK! ^^

BK Payment System 2. WeChatPay, Alipay, Paypal
One of the payment system most frequently used by Koreans is SamSung Pay.
The only downside is that SamSung Pay can only be used on SamSung mobile phones.
For the patients from overseas country, they can make the payment with WechatPay and Alipay, the international mobile payment system.
WechatPay and Alipay can be downloaded in application on any mobile phone models, and the payment can be made simply by scanning the BK Plastic Surgery Hospital’s barcode and entering in the price for the payment!

Do you know Paypal, the overseas payment system?
Just enter your email address, and you can make easy payment anywhere, anytime!
With just your email address and password, you can make the payment using debit card or credit card.

Receipts are issued on payments through mobile devices and Paypal system. ^^

BK Payment System 3. Card Payment
You can pay by personal card, debit card or Union Pay card.
Some Korean cards can be used with interest-free installment plan, so please ask BK Plastic Surgery Hospital for further information.
Union Pay card is most frequently used by foreigners, especially by Chinese.
Just consider it as a commonly used debit card by Koreans.
Union Pay card makes the payment by applying exchange rate on XE website.

BK Hospital issues receipts for every surgery fee paid 100%, so you can count on us! 

BK Payment System 4. Account Transfer
Payments can be sent through account transfer both locally and internationally to BK Hospital’s exclusive bank account!

The rate of payment is fixed according to price of surgery in Korean Won (KRW), and we guarantee transparent finance management by issuing cash receipts and regular receipts 100%!

BK Payment System 5. Cash (Local Currency and Overseas Money)
Not only Korean Dollars (KRW) but currencies from different countries are all accepted.
The surgery fees are decided by calculating in Korean Dollar (KRW) standard and exchange rate of the day and time the payment is made is applied.
It goes without saying that the cash receipt is issued for each cash payment!
There is no difference between cash payment and card payment in BK Hospital.

Hospital that does not force cash payment, that is BK Plastic Surgery Hospital! 

* Special Service - VAT Tax Return
Foreign patients who got surgery in BK Plastic Surgery Hospital can get VAT return for their surgery fee!
VAT for payment under 5,000,000 won (KRW) can be refunded instantly via Global Tax Free machine in BK Plastic Surgery Hospital.
In case of payment over 5,000,000 won (KRW), we issue ‘statement of return’ to enable patients to receive the VAT return at the airport or local bank reception counter.
Please note that foreigners who’re staying long-term in Korea are not subject to the VAT return!!

Global BK Plastic Surgery Hospital with Global payment system!
BK Plastic Surgery Hospital promise to show our best service to ensure every one of our patient’s beauty upgrade locally and internationally!
For more details on BK’s payment system, please click on the link below!

Thursday, 26 July 2018

BK Model, Yan Zi Qi’s Real Story 2!


It’s BK Plastic Surgery Hospital, the center of Korean Plastic Surgery!
We came back with more stories to share on BK Model Yani this week!

This time, we are going to follow on her day of the most ideal surgery for her eye shape and full fat graft on her face.  

(Satisfied with her lengthened and more defined chin line from the previous surgery, she couldn’t wait to go through the consultation and see what the recommended surgery for her eye shape would be! To check out more on her previous surgery, go to

Yani was extremely happy with the chin surgery she got in BK Plastic Surgery Hospital!!!

This time, she had a consultation on her eyelids and full face fat graft.
Dr. Kim Byung Gun stated that Yani’s eyes were big and pretty but the dark circles due to the concave area on the lower eyelids made Yani look listless and tired. He recommended Tranconjunctival Lower Blepharoplasty (fat relocation on lower eyelids with minimal incision) to correct the dark circles and full face fat graft to liven up the face!

[Let’s stop here and learn what Tranconjunctival Lower Blepharoplasty is and what the effect is!] 

Tranconjunctival Lower Blepharoplasty is a scarless procedure to remove eyebags and relocate remaining fat smoothly on lower eyelid with incision through mucous membrane underneath the lower eyelid without the need for stitch removal after the surgery. This surgery shows great result in improving tired looking face by correcting dark circles and concave surface under the eyes.

Yani entered the O.R, heart fluttering with anticipation once again!
We couldn’t wait to check out Yani’s face, full of newly-charged radiance and energy!

Two days after the surgery, after removing the tapes from her face and sterilizing the eye area, we could see Yani’s face looking younger and more energetic. ^^

Yani told us she was delighted to find her dark circles which made her look listless were gone and her cheeks and face looked more full and had a healthy volume overall.  

While she was staying in BK Hospital, Yani expressed her thanks to the consultant and the staff and captured our hearts with her affectionate approach.
Yani promised to come back next time when she revisits Korea, and left a nice photo and candid interviews.
BK will keep on rooting for Yani’s successful future and BK model activities and looks forward to her next visit to BK Plastic Surgery Hospital! ^^

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Friday, 20 July 2018

BK Model, Yan Zi Qi’s Real Story 1!

BK Model, Yan Zi Qi’s Real Story 1!

It’s BK Plastic Surgery Hospital, the center of Korean Plastic Surgery.
It’s scorching hot with the heat waves coming in full speed!

Today, we introduce our new BK Model, Yani! J
Let’s find out about the new face that will bring the light upon BK Plastic Surgery Hospital, shall we?  

Yani is originally from Singapore with feminine figure and a warm, cute smile ^^

She said she was finding out ways to get extra boost to her confidence and prepare for her job interviews to get a job as a for sales personnel

Yani is having the consultation with the consultant!
She asked questions about genioplasty with advancement to correct her symptom of receding chin and also wanted to get information on eyelid surgery that could define her eye shape and facial fat graft.

[Let’s stop here and find out what Receding Chin Correction, the chin surgery Yani is getting!]
Receding Chin Correction (Genioplasty Advancement) is a facial contouring surgery performed on patients with symptoms of protruding mouth due to the short length of chin (even when the patient doesn’t have the dental structure of protruding mouth) and unaesthetic silhouette with unclear demarcation between neck and chin.
The method of the surgery varies depending on the length of the chin and the dental structures. Therefore, CT-scan is a compulsory test item in medical exam to find out the most appropriate method of surgery for the patient.

>>  Click to find out more on

After the medical exam, Yani had a consultation with Dr. Kim Byung Gun.
Dr. Kim explained the principle of the surgical process of Sliding Osteotomy Genioplasty which involves cutting the tip of the chin bone and sliding it forward. Yani was still in the middle of making up her minds on whether and how she wanted to get the double eyelid surgery so Dr. Kim offered to give her separate consultation later on after the chin surgery.    
Yani expressed her confidence firmly that she was glad she chose BK Hospital after the pleasing consultation with Dr. Kim accompanied by his friendly explanation. 

This is Yani, taking the pre-surgery photos in the photo room with bright smile and glowing anticipation on her face. The expression says it all. ^^
Yani’s surgery was done successfully on that day!  
Let’s check out her recovery status 5 days after the surgery and with the tapes removed from her chin, shall we? 

Yani told us there was a mild stiffness on her surgery area which was hardly a discomfort and showed satisfaction on her changed chin shape. ^^
Pleased with the surgery result, Yani could not wait to discuss her additional surgery consultation. ^^ We could just picture Yani become the next hot beauty!
Keep your eyes open for the next BK updates on Yani’s beauty upgrade!

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