Monday 4 October 2021

BK Plastic Surgery's botox.

 Hot summer season has passed and in the same time students are going back to university. 

It would be cool if workers could have the same holidays as students. 

Recently there are many inquiries about cosmetic procedures at BK Plastic surgery.

Unlike surgery, cosmetic non-invasive treatment does not require any recovery period that means you can get prettier in a short time without recovery.

 It is just a right time to get cosmetic procedures!

There are various cosmetic procedures and the most popular among them are Filler and Botox injection. 

Filler can fill up sunken area and add volume while Botox effect depends on injected area. 

If it is injected to muscles it can reduce muscle volume, or it can also be done to improve expression wrinkles, provide lifting effect and restore elasticity. 

Both Filler and Botox injection have both options of using domestic or overseas imported brands. 

Filler and Botox brand choice depends on individual skin type and doctor will recommend the most suitable one during thorough face-to-face consultation. 

Cosmetic injections does not take long time and does not require recovery period, thus, those who can not afford having time for recovery after the surgery prefers doing cosmetic treatment such as Filler and Botox injections.

How about having cosmetic procedure at BK Plastic surgery with experienced doctor? 

BK Hospital is welcoming everyone for consultation with our doctors to receive more detailed information about cosmetic procedures. 

Friday 11 January 2019

[BK Model] Sun Mi's Real Story -Revisional Eyelid Surgery, Rhinoplasty

Sun Mi have had eyelid surgery done before but it didn't do much to improve her sleepy and tired looking eyes and assymetry. She also wanted to make her nose small do it doesn't look too big and stand out to much when she take a picture so BK came to solve those problems once and for all!
Check out the journey as she gets the consultation and surgery in BK now~!

Wednesday 12 December 2018

[Real Story] BK Model Yani's Real Story! -Genioplasty(Chin Surgery), Lower Blepharoplasty, Fat Graft

BK Model Yani have visited us this summer to look for ways to liven up her face and had chin surgery and fat repositioning on her lower eyelid. She also had facial fat graft on her cheek and forehead to get the extra volume to light up her face and came for the second round this November.
We captured some moments of the new BK model Yani from her first day in August to the recent visit in November! Check out her sojourn in Korea and her time in BK! ^^

BK Model Yani's Real Story! -Genioplasty(Chin Surgery), Lower Blepharoplasty, Fat Graft

[Article] [Sisa Today Sisa On] Dr. Koh Eun Seok, “Rhinoplasty for Men should be considered with discretion with different standards of beauty compared to Rhinoplasty for Women”

Nowadays, more men are coming in to plastic surgery hospitals to alter their looks, creating the word 'Groomers' which refers the guys who invest time and money to look good and spruce up. In short, it is what we would call a metrosexual.

Rhinoplasty takes up the highest frequency in plastic surgery among men since men prefers more defined profile to look masculine. A strong chiseled look is one of the facial features many regard as manly appearance and this is why rhinoplasty for men should be differentiated from rhinoplasty for women.

Dr. Koh Eun Seok in BK Plastic Surgery Hospital explains the importance of knowing the difference between the surgerys for men and women and what difference guys must consider when planning for rhinoplasty.

Check out the article to find out more!

Monday 3 December 2018

[Article] [Sisa Today Sisa On] Revisional Blephraroplasty must be decided considering it as final surgery

Revisional plastic surgery is just as important as the getting the first surgery, if not more, and should be considered with extra planning with much research and understanding your own condition after the initial surgery.
BK's plastic surgeon, Dr. Kang Sang Gu explains the importance and things to consider in planning for revisional eyelid surgery in this article!

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Thursday 25 October 2018

2018 19th World Knowledge Forum, The Future of Healthcare: by Kim Byung Gun, CEO of ICO Platform

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Dr. Kim Byung Gun, Plastic Surgeon of BK and CEO of ICO Platform, gave a speech in "2018 19th World Knowledge Forum" in front of 3,500 audiences from all over the world including global women leaders, top experts from various fields, and corporate leaders.

Monday 22 October 2018

BK Model, Foyce’s Real Story! – Breast Augmentation -

BK Model, Foyce’s Real Story! – Breast Augmentation -

It’s BK Plastic Surgery Hospital, the center of Korean Plastic Surgery!
October is in full swing with cool autumn breeze tickling our face and apple and pumpkin flavored hot beverages in hands of the passersby! 

Guess who’s back! Foyce, the Singapore celebrity and BK Model who visited BK Hospital in August have come back to say hello and look into more ways to upgrade her aesthetic beauty!

Just as a reminder, we will briefly go through introduction of Foyce. 
Foyce is a celebrity in Singapore with multiple TV commercials and also a career as a singer!
With many talents and an attractive voice, Foyce is aspiring TV figure and an upgrade to maximize her beauty is a must to her career span.
Foyce have visited BK Hospital in August to get consultation and surgery for her nose and anti-aging treatment. She received rhinoplasty to narrow her nose wing and heighten the nose bridge. She also had filler and botox injection to get rid of the creases that easily appeared when she frowned on her forehead. (See below for the ‘Before & After’ contrast! )   

This time, she came back to get her breast augmentation.

We took the opportunity to meet her at the airport this time to greet her and also get an interview just after her arrival in Korea!

During the first consultation, Foyce explained that because of the 10kg weight loss in the recent 4 months due to her dieting, she looked better than ever except for her breast.
Every woman would know the dilemma of dieting, which is losing volume on the breast as you begin to lose fat from all other parts of the body. Looking slim is every womens’ desire, but without the hour-glass silhouette, it doesn’t appeal as an attraction.  
She wanted her bra size to go up at least 2 cup sizes, which was originally her bra size.

Do you think her wish for her bosom to go back to the voluptuous state before she lost the weight would be able to come true? Let’s find out.

During the consultation, Dr. Kim Byung Gun explained that there are two methods for breast augmentation which was surgery with breast implant insertion and fat injection. He also ran through the three different areas for incisions. Foyce would be getting breast surgery with teardrop, cohesive gel implants which features long-lasting durability and texture and grip that is very much similar to real human’s breast. 

< Let’s stop here and find out about Breast Augmentation and the surgery method performed for Foyce!!>
Breast Augmentation is a surgery to enhance women’s bosom that looks weak and underdeveloped to look more womanly and voluptuous.
There are two ways to perform breast augmentation surgery. One is to insert the implants directly between the muscles and the other is to use autologous fat for fat grafting on breast.
The breast augmentation using the implants can have permanent effect whereas the breast augmentation with fat grafting only lasts until the fat is absorbed and needs more than once to prolong the effect.
Incisions are required for breast augmentation with implants insertion and there are three kinds according to the physical area where incisions are made: transaxillary incision where the incision is made along the wrinkles on the armpit, periareolar incision where the incision is made around the nipple area, and inframammary incision where the incision is made under the breast where the natural fold is created between the breast and abdomen.     

After running through the methods for breast augmentation and the features for each method, Dr. Kim Byung Gun explained Foyce will be getting the surgery with the teardrop implants which will add more volume with similar shape and texture to the human breasts. 

Foyce got the treatment 4 days after the surgery, so she still had bandage around her chest area to hold her bosom together. She also had Hemovac drain connected to her surgical area through her armpit to get remove the fluids that build up in the area of your body after surgery.

But after a week, on the second post-op treatment, her bandage and Hemovac was all removed and all she had to do was put on her correction bra. Foyce’s wish to gain more volume on her breast came true and she is fully satisfied. 

Guess we will be seeing Foyce wearing sexy bikinis and cute, skimpy tops in the near future! Looking forward to Foyce’s bright smile and confident pose full of swag! ^^

We support Foyce’s BK model activities and her entertainment show biz career along with her singing career!

*For more information on BK Plastic Surgery Hospital where Foyce paid a visit to become more pretty, click

**Check out her Real Story video on the link below!

Wednesday 26 September 2018

[BK Model Review] BK Model, Yan Zi Qi (Yani)' s Updates!

BK Model, Yan Zi Qi’s Updates!

It’s BK Plastic Surgery Hospital, the center of Korean Plastic Surgery!
We came back to share on BK Model Yani ‘s recent updates!

She had received Receding Chin Correction, Tranconjunctival Lower Blepharoplasty and fat graft on her face.

Receding Chin Correction (otherwise known as the genioplasty with advancement) is a surgery for patient whose neck and chin is not well defined due to the short chin. This surgery improves how the silhouette of the profile looks and also helps the mouth to look less protruded.
Tranconjunctival Lower Blepharoplasty is a scarless procedure to remove eyebags and relocate remaining fat smoothly on lower eyelid with incision through mucous membrane underneath the lower eyelid without the need for stitch removal after the surgery. This surgery shows great result in improving tired looking face by correcting dark circles and concave surface under the eyes.

It’s been two months after Yani got the surgeries!
Why don’t we take a look on her status?

- Before Surgery -
This is the photos that show her full frontal face and left & right profile before the surgery.
During the consultation, she said she wanted her profile to have more defined chin when viewed from the sides and to have her eyelids lifted up to improve the tired look. She also wanted to get fat graft on her face to rejuvenate her overall impression and get rid of the dark circles.

- After A week -
This is a week after the surgery.
From both sides, tip of her chin is slightly advanced to define her chin line.
By repositioning the fat on her lower eyelids and filling up the concave, her dark circles have faded and she doesn’t look tired like before.
Also, her fuller cheek and forehead makes her look younger. But there are still some swellings since it takes time to seem natural on her skin.
Let’s see the current photos of her, shall we?

- After 2 Months -
Yani looks great! Her face looks natural with no swelling. We’re happy to see her face full of energy and pleasant smile!

The effect of Fat graft depends on the person’s body condition and age but is known to be semi-permanent.

We’re happy Yani is happy with the surgery result! We look forward to see Yani’s pretty smile on her SNS and also expect to see her again in Korea!

To learn more about plastic surgeries or make an appointment for consultation, visit BK Plastic Surgery Hospital website at
BK supports your aesthetic beauty and boosts your confidence!