Monday 5 December 2016

[BK Plastic Surgery] ON AIR! Filming with a Canadian Broadcast :)

Hello~ From BK Plastic Surgery J

Today, have amazing and interesting news for you guys!

Last week, a Canadian broadcast company SKYTV/peacock alley TV flew all the way to Korea to film BK Plastic surgery, covering beauty trend and anti-aging procedures done in BK Hospital. 

We are excited to watch the show! Timothy Caulfield and our Dr. Do Eon Rok had an interesting interview about Korean Beauty led by BK.

The staffs were super nice, making the 
interview go so smoothly.

Let us show you the shooting day !

Firstly, we proceeded with an interview 
with Dr. Do Eon Rok. 

Since he is so good at English, he did not need any interpreter or a translator. The interview was filmed on the 3rd floor of BK Building. 

It is where the consultation rooms are located.

Since the title of this show is ‘A User’s guide to Cheating Death’, the host Timothy Caulfield mainly asked the most frequent surgeries done in BK Hospital, the latest beauty trend in Korea and the high popularity of plastic surgery worldwide. 

We can see the interview is going well J

The host Timothy Caulfield is a Canada Research Chair in Health Law and Policy and a Professor in the Faculty of Law and the School of Public Health at the University of Alberta. 

He has been the Research Director of the Health Law Institute at the University of Alberta since 1993. 

Over the past several years he has been involved in a variety of interdisciplinary research endeavors. 

He was curious about everything we do to keep our patients young (and himself! Haha), 

and Dr. Do Eon Rok was able to answer his questions through his long experience and handful skills.

This picture is taken on the 6th floor of the BK Building. 

This is where the patients visit to get there postoperative treatments done. We mainly do some dressings and stitch removal after operation. Also, this is where patients get botox and filler injections.

Why are we here? We came up to film the interview a patient who is very happy with the result after the surgery. 

Since she is very satisfied with how she looks after surgery, she volunteered to have an interview.

Dr. Do Eon Rok is famous for his quick and accurate hands and skills. Lots of patients who get their surgeries done with Dr. Do are satisfied with their improved looks. 

So it was not so hard to find a patient who was willing to be on air to talk about her experiences.

Now, we are on the 8th floor. 

This is where the photos are taken. Before and after surgery, patients come here to take pictures, and when patients are wondering how he/she might look after surgery, we can have a 3D simulated look and show them.

Now we are preparing to show Tim the virtual look. 

We can see the cute staff of BK in the picture J

Tada, here is the result! You can easily tell the difference between before and after, right? Tim was so impressed that he posted the picture on his twitter @TimCaulfield right away. 

Most of the patients who come to BK Plastic Hospital are interested in getting their eyes and nose done, but since he was already handsome, we did not really have to touch any of his facial features. 

However, since Tim’s main concern was ‘Anti-aging’, we decided to show him the virtual result of the look after anti-aging procedures. 

Doesn’t he look at least 10 years younger in the picture?

Let us show you the surgical procedures! 

This is the Operation Room, and Dr. Do is operating on a patient’s eyes. The patient was getting an anti-aging procedure on the eyes. 

I guess it is a world trend to look young.

Last but not least, there is another interview with a BK staff on the 2nd floor. 

This is where the guardians or parents wait for the patients after or before their surgery.

The interview included

A) Why BK Plastic Surgery Hospital is getting its popularity around the world? 
B) Which nationalities are visiting BK Plastic Surgery Hospital nowadays? And 
C) How translation and language coordinator system works with international patients.

Finally, let us proudly introduce you the ‘BK Plastic Surgery Museum’. 

Located on the 2nd floor of BK Plastic Surgery Hospital, it is the very first plastic surgery #museum in Korea to show you our excellent Plastic Surgical Techniques. 

From eyelid surgery and nose surgery as known as rhinoplasty to anti-aging, body contouring and facial contouring, we exhibit surgical methods as well as its origin and history in Korea. 

The entire exhibition is translated into Korean, English and Chinese for your convenience. 

Why don’t you have a visit? It is always open for you for free of charge!

The picture of entire crew! 

Shooting started at noon, and it finished around 7pm. 
I want to thank all of the crew for doing their best in shooting the show.

BK Plastic Surgery Hospital is a world-class cosmetic surgery hospital. We are excited to work with other broadcast companies from another part of the planet too!

Beauty Korea, BK Plastic Surgery! 
Stay tuned for another episode of ours. 
Thank you!

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