Monday 31 October 2016

[BK Plastic Surgery] Mr. Sivadass ,Singaporean Actor/Model, getting his nose surgery done in BK Korea!_Part 1.

Last Saturday, on 15th, Oct, 

we had a very special patient 

from Singapore at BK Plastic Hospital.

He is a Singaporean actor and a model, 

and he visited here 

for making his nose more beautiful.

Let’s see how it went J

Tada, so he is our Plastic Surgery model, 

all the way from Singapore!

He is filling up information on the forms 

for the consultation and surgery.

His name is Sivadass, 

and he had a Rhinoplasty 

(Surgery on nose) 2 years ago. 

But he visited BK Plastic Surgery Hospital 

for revisional surgery 

since there was deformation of nose shape, 

because he was bitten by a dog by accident.

After filling in the forms, 

he is signing on the contract 

for being a plastic surgery model 

for BK Plastic Surgery.

There is BK Aesthetics/Clinic in Singapore, 

and they perform only non-surgical operations 

such as petite plastic surgery, body contouring, etc. 

So, our model Sivadass kindly visited Korea 

to get the surgery done.

This is our consulting room. 

He is talking to Stacey, 

the head of BK English Division.

During consultation, 

we talk about lots of things, 

so that the doctor can have 

the accurate information of patients; 

needs and purpose, medical history, 

medications and so on.

Mr. Sivadass was concerned about 

his current nose shape, 

since it was bitten by a dog. 

He had asymmetrical nose 

from the both sides, 

and it looked more clearly 

when he was in the screen. 

So we decided to have a revisional surgery 

to make it even.

Now, the second session of consultation 

is on with Dr. Kim Byung Gun. 

Stacey briefly talked about 

Mr. Sivadass’s concerns and objectives 

to the doctor. 

And Dr. Kim is giving him diagnosis 

and telling him how to treat 

the current nose shape to a better one.

Doctor Kim looks very kind 

and professional here J

After consultation, 

we took a friendly photo too. J

Mr. Sivadass is a good friend of Dr. Kim. 

They have known for years now.

A picture of him 

and the pretty BK employees!

Stacey from English Division, 

Julie from Overseas PR Division, 

and our Singaporean Model Sivadass! 

Actually, Sivadass was a little worried 

about the surgery, but he looks happy now. 

Maybe a thorough and friendly 

consultation had made him 

feel better by now.

Now, he came up to the 

laboratory room to run the blood test. 

This is to see if he is fit for 

the surgery and anesthesia.

 If the patients are determined 

to be healthy to go through a surgery, 

they can finally get ready for the surgery. 

He does not look nervous at all now, 

does he??

All ready!

Sivadass is going in to the 

changing room to get ready 

for the surgery. 

Looking from behind, 

he looks very energetic. 

Cheers from BK Plastic Surgery!

We will come back to you next week 

with the stories and photos 

throughout the surgery. 

Also, stay tuned for the follow-ups 

and epilogue of his journey.

Monday is almost over, 

cheer up and have a wonderful day!

Beautiful Korea, BK!

***Headquarter of BK is located in Seoul, Korea ***

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