Friday 9 September 2016

[BK Plastic Surgery] Dr.Do Eon Rok in BK had attended in the symposium on Eyelid surgery.

Dr. Do Eon Rock had attended symposium
on eyelid surgery as a main presenter.
The surgeons in BK always keep research
to give the best results and satisfaction to patients. 
Today we would like to introduce
what happened in the symposium.
Eyelid Surgery!
It seems like simple surgical procedures.
However, Eyes are the main area
 which decide the first impression,
thus eyelid surgery should be done very carefully.
That is why our doctors do not stop researching
on eyelid surgery
to give the best satisfaction to patients.
The 12th eyelid surgery symposium was held
on July 3rd 2016.
Dr. Do Eon Rok had attended as a main presenter.
A lot of doctors attended
in the symposium on eyelid surgery.
As Eyelid surgery is one of the most popular surgeries done in Korea,
many doctors participate in the symposium
to discuss new techniques and current trends.


This is the photo dr.Do is giving a presentation.
Not only he is highly professional
when he gives consultation and surgery
but also he looked as professional speaker
in his presentation.
This is another photo taken from the back seat
during his presentation.
There is a BK logo in his PPT slide.
I was thrilled that BK was indirectly advertised
in the renowned symposium.
He must be very busy
for consultation and surgery schedule
yet he spends nights to prepare all documents
for presentation.
I admire for his amazing passion.
After finishing presentations, doctors discuss
how to cope with the difficult case.
Dr.DO mentioned
that he had valuable time
as audience participate in discussion passionately
by asking lots of questions
and said that he will prepare for the next symposium.
Dr.Do received a letter of appreciation
after his presentation.
As a representative of BK, I would like to give big applause for his efforts and passion.
I would keep posting regarding our surgeon’s efforts to give the best results.
Also, all staff in BK will keep trying our best to give the best service J

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