Tuesday 5 April 2016

[BK Plastic Surgery] Face Fat Graft

With aging process, you may lose the tightness of skin or lose volume on your face

which causes you to look old and to have strong appearance.

Fat graft will be the solution of your concern!  
I will let you know the details of it today.

Fat is injected into the target sites you want for augmentation

which restores volume and create more youthful appearance.





First, fat is harvested from unwanted fat
such as abdomen, hip, or thigh.

And then in BK, we injects into multiple layers of skin
to reduce resorption and increase survivability of grafted fat.


By using site-specific and disposable cannula,

we minimize pain during harvestig process  and enable fat injections into desired areas

without leaving scars and infections.
Before you receive fat graft,
Make sure whether hospital uses authorized equipment,
has contamination prevention facility,
performs with specialized skills
and consists of well experienced surgeons.



If you look old for your age or have flat face,
you can have volume face with face fat graft  in BK Plastic Surgery.


One thing important in fat graft is to be injected
equally and evenly.
In BK we inject fat into multiple layers of skin
which result in minimizing resorption and increasing survival rate of grafted fat cells.


Not only fat graft helps to have younger appearance,
but also creates a smooth-curved profile
that enhances the overall beauty and vitality of face.  
So, it is recommended to do fat grafting

in where it has systematic support system and experienced professional doctors like BK.


As a way to make a volume face naturally,

we recommend face fat graft of BK.




K Plastic Surgery (Headquarter) Contact Information for international patients

***Headquarter of BK is located in Seoul, Korea ***

                                                         English :bkhospitalenglish@gmail.com +82 10 5021 8886

Indonesia : bkhospitalindonesia@gmail.com +82 10-7152-8892

Malaysia : bkhospitalmalaysia@gmail.com  +82-10-9481-8960

Singapore : bkhospitalsingapore@gmail.com  +65 9389 7749

China :  bkhospitalchinese@gmail.com +82 10 4934 8886

Japan : bkhospitaljapanese@gmail.com +82 10 7128 3886

Mongolia : bkhospitalmongolia@gmail.com +82 10 4072 0403

Vietnam :  bkhospitalvietnam@gmail.com +82 10 4732 8894

Russia: bkhospitalrussia@gmail.com +82 10 4783 8886

Thailand: bkhospitalthailand@gmail.com +82 10 4783 8886 

***Below is BK's Singapore branch ***

BK Medical Group Aesthetic Clinic

#08-05,06 Novena Medical Centre, 10 Sinaran Drive, Singapore, 307506






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