Tuesday 24 September 2013

[BK Plastic Surgery] Acculift

BK Plastic Surgery
Acculift, Accushape

I will now share tips on losing weight without surgery. 
Non-incisional procedure Acculift and Accushape through local anesthesia. 
It does a greater role in removing body fats than liposuction in terms of removing elaborate body fat.
It also increases skin elasticity, so you don't need worry about your skin getting sagged.

Recommended by BK Plastic Surgery Hospital-Acculift
Acculift is one of non-incisional surgery techniques. It is to heat and dissolve fat in saggy and bulging facial areas such as nasolabial fold, chin, and lower eyelids by using the Accusculpt laser. It also stimulates dermal collagen for added effect of elasticity increase.

Recommended by BK Plastic Surgery Hospital-Accushape
Accushape is a procedure of excreting fat from body using a thin cannula, after fat has been dissolved with 1444nm-wavelengthed Accusculpt laser.

Application of Accushape

Accushape is not a means of substituting standard liposuction to remove large amount of fat- it is used to treat small specific areas.

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