Tuesday 2 April 2013

[BK Plastic Surgery] How to lose weight quickly

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How to lose weight quickly

Maybe every women have tried to diet, 
but it is very difficult to lose weight successfully.

However, if we find the right way,
we can lose weight quickly and healthy.

Today we are talking about 
the tips how to lose weight quickly.

First, the most important thing is having a well-balanced diet.

Many people tried one-food diet,
but if we eat only one food,
it must begin to cloy easily.

Also if you keep not having balanced meal, 
yo-yo diet will be happened of course.

So it is better to have low-calorie food 
than one-food diet.

ê·¸And you should have breakfast 
to prevent eating lunch immoderately.

 You should do weight-training.

Women tend to avoid having exercise 
due to the anxiety of getting muscles.

But in order to lose weight quickly, 
the muscle mass must grow up.

If the muscle grows, the metabolism is higher that 
helps burn up the calories actively.

Among various exercises, abdominal exercise is very effective.

Fasting or excessive exercise are dangerous.
Try having well-balanced meal and proper exercise to lose weight!

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