Thursday 21 March 2013

[BK Plastic Surgery] Eyelid surgery: Love Band Augmentation

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Eyelid Surgery: Love Band Augmentation

Love band on lower eyelids is essential for youthful look.

Today we are going to talk about
Love Band Augmentation with autologous tissue insertion. 

#1. What is love band procedure?
Love band procedure is designed to mimic the youthfulness
that occurs naturally in skin just below the lower lashes.

#2. Surgical methods of Love band procedure

There are various methods of Love band augmentation
as alloderm insertion, filler injection, fat grafting and autologous tissue insertion.

Among those methods,
you can choose the most suitable method depending on your condition.


#3. Love band procedure
with Autologous Tissue Insertion

This surgical method is to create love band
using autologous tissue extracted from your hips.

#4. Significance of Love band procedure with autologous insertion

This method is suitable for those who are uncomfortable

with artificial materials such as artificial tissue or fillers.
It has fast recovery period and high satisfaction rate
due to soft texture of love band.

Also, it looks very natural since it blends well with your skin tone.

#5. Surgical methods of Love band procedure

  1. Extract autologous tissue from hips.
  2. Make a slight incision on in and outside of the lower eyelids.
  3. Insert autologous tissue into where love band should be created.
  4. Suture the incision site.  

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  1. i read your blog which is informative, What age is good to get Double eyelid surgery?

    1. Hey Smita, Thank you for having interest in BK Plastic Surgery. Technically, Plastic surgery is performed over age 18. However, there is not much of a limitation on double eyelid surgery, so people under age of 18 can also get double eyelid surgery with consent form from legal agent. Thank you. Have a great day :)

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