Friday 14 September 2012

Great Foods for Acne Prevention

 Great Foods for Acne Prevention 

Acne tends to disappear after high school. 
However, there are tons of people in their late 20s suffering from acne recently. 
These acne in adulthood is usually induced 
from environmental hormones, stress, and other factors. 
So today, we are going to take a look at great foods to prevent acne. 

To prevent acne, you should take foods that are rich in vitamins. 

Include carrots and spinach in your everyday diet.
Carrots are known as super good for eye health already. 
They also have lots of antioxidant substances which prevent sebum formation.
Thus, it is very effective for acne treatment and prevention. 

Spinach also helps protect skin from oxidant free radicals 
and control sebum release from skin. 

Drink green tea frequently during your day. 

Green tea is widely known for its effectiveness in diet and beauty. 
Catechin substance in green tea is great for anti-aging and pore tightening effect. 
Also, green tea is able to calm down inflammation 
that it is helpful for those who have acne prone skin. 

Instead of consuming greasy meat, try to eat fish such as salmon and tuna. 

Fish can control excessive release of hormones within your body 
that it prevents acne formation.


With proper diet, it is also important to try not to be stressed much
in order to effectively prevent acne. 
Why don't you take a walk outside today ? 
Light exercise is a great way to release stress 
and also promote formation of new cells in your system. 
You don't always need fancy cosmetic items for great skin. 
Small daily habits and diet are the key 
to make a huge difference in your skin condition. 

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