Wednesday 29 August 2012

Secrets of Outer Corner Extension (Lateral Canthoplasty)

Secrets of Outer Corner Extension
(Lateral Canthoplasty)

BK Plastic Surgery is acknowledged by a renown academy 
from outer corner extension without common recurrence.
Let's find out about BK outer corner extension today ! :)
The outer corner extension with no recurrence by keeping the original eye shape was developed by Dr. Shin Yong Ho and featured in the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Journal in 2004. 

Cases requiring BK outer corner extension
Dissatisfactory result from inner corner fold removal
Unable to perform inner corner fold removal due to short distance between eyes
Dull appearance induced from short horizontal width of eyes
 Desire to have bigger eyes
Slanted eyes producing unfavorable image

There are 3 types of cases requiring the outer corner extension. 
We apply suitable methods to each case in order to enhance patients' satisfaction.

BK Outer Corner Extension FAQ!

Significance of BK Outer Corner Extension
01 Bigger eyes are created by extending the outer corners. 
02  Slanted eyes can be fixed creating attractive appearance.
03 The distance between canthus and outer corner is measured precisely before surgery.
04 Incision on depression of outer corner enables scar to be invisible.
05 Customized surgical method for individual enhances satisfaction after surgery.

The surgery duration for BK outer corner extension is 20 minutes, and local anesthesia with IV sedation is performed for anesthesia. The suture is removed after 7 days of surgery, and you will achieve natural appearance after 1-2 months. The surgical scar may disappear after 3-4 months. 

When the outer corner extension is overly performed ignoring the structure of eyes, it may cause discomfort to control brightness in eyes or induce visible scar. To modify these conditions, outer corner reconstruction should be considered. Since the surgical method will be determined based on the previous surgical method of outer corner extension, its problem, and skin condition that you must take time to consult with a doctor. 

The outer corner reconstruction is required when there was no change after outer corner extension, or a tear-drop shaped /  'ㄷ'  shaped scar is formed after surgery.
The surgery takes about 30 minutes with local anesthesia. 
The suture is removed after 6 days, and 
the surgical scar usually disappears after 6 months. 

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