Friday 1 June 2012

[TV Chosun]Choi & Park's talking Current Affairs Pahn(aired on 17th April 2012)
Leading Korean plastic surgery wave Dr. Kim Byung Gun.
최·박의 시사토크 판 : 성형한류를 이끈다성형외과 전문의 김병건 원장

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  1. Please take the time to read PURSE FORUM where English speaking Asian discuss Korea Surgery. A lot of people have changed their minds when they have read some of the bad customer service at BK when they were originally going to go to BK. Patients are left on their own, doctors too busy to talk and seem to be over booked and rushed.
    I LIKE THIS BLOG as it has been really helpful. Finally I can read about 85% of what is on the site and know that BK is good.