Thursday 7 June 2012

The Beauty Factory in Seoul!

Before the surgery, Shally had typical Oriental eyes, lowprofile nose, receding chin and prominent jaw bones;
The “brand new” Shally has an ideal V-shape slender face, bigger eyes, a high-profile nose and a more youthful skin

 AFFLUENT’s second model for plastic surgery, Shally Ng from Hong Kong, shares with readers her success story after returning from the world’s largest plastic surgery hospital, BK Plastic Surgery Hospital in Seoul.
It was in 2010 when AFFLUENT sent their very first candidate to BK Plastic Surgery Hospital (formerly known as BK DongYang Plastic Surgery Clinic), the world’s largest plastic surgery clinic in Seoul, for an extreme makeover. The now good-looking Mr. Kwok Leong gave BK Plastic Surgery Hospital a thumbs-up for his new look.

The critically acclaimed Dr. Kim, Byung Gun, who is the surgeon cum director of BK Plastic Surgery Hospital, the world’s largest plastic surgery clinic, truly has the world going abuzz with his exceptional talents in the plastic surgery industry.
Is he really good? The hundreds of people flocking to see him every month answers the question. To test what Dr. Kim is really made of, AFFLUENT decided to send another candidate to BK Plastic Surgery Hospital in Seoul, South Korea. This time round, it was a female model from Hong Kong, Miss Shally Ng.

Shally met with Dr. Kim in October 2011, for a consultation and had her surgery performed on the same day. By the second week of her recovery, Shally was able to attend most social functions minus the consumption of alcohol. She took a mere two months in comparison to the average three months that it takes a patient to completely morph into a beautiful butterfly.

Along her journey of recovery however, Shally admitted of a sudden feeling of skepticism and frustration upon hearing remarks from negative patients down the corridor. However, she eventually overcame her fears when she saw reflections of vast improvements in front of the mirror day by day, night by night.

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