Wednesday 10 April 2013

[BK Plastic Surgery] Square jaw reduction by BOTOX injection

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Botox Injection


Many people may have heard about botox injection.

If a jaw is overdeveloped by muscles, not by the protruding jaw bone, 
simple botox injection would be very effective. 

Those who are unwilling to have facial bone contouring 
prefer to have botox injection which is one of non-surgical procedures.

Today we are going to talk about botox injection for square jaw.

What is Botox?

Botox is a type of toxin produced 
by bacteria called Botulinum, usually found in canned food. 
This toxin, when refined and injected, can paralyze the muscles 
to either reduce their size or straighten facial wrinkles.

The merits of botox procedure are 
no recovery period and immediate daily activities.


Lower jaw or face appearing large, is sometimes 
a result of overdeveloped masticatory muscles surround teeth. 

Botox injection can be used to paralyze masticatory muscles 
to reduce their thickness and volume to make the face leaner and smaller.

▶What tis masticator muscles: 
You may self-diagnosis development of masticatory muscles 
by putting your palms under ears and clenching you jaws,

Overdeveloped masticatory muscles form large, hard masses.

You may have difficulty to chew food after injection temporarily. 
Also chewing gums can redevelop masticatory muscles.

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