Monday 4 February 2013

[BK Plastic Surgery] Paranasal Augmentation

Facial Contouring: Paranasal Augmentation

Even though she/he has a small and slender face, and well-defined features, 
if she/he has fine wrinkles over all face, it makes them look much order than their age.

So today, we are talking about 
paranasal augmentation for the depression of nasolabial folds.

Paranasal Augmentation

 Paranasal augmentation is a method to inflate depression 
above the upper jaw from the nostrils to the corners of the mouth. 

Adding volume to these areas straightens nasolabial folds, 
achieving younger appearance in general

Self-diagnosis of paranasal depression

- Depression between nostrils and cheeks also makes the center of face look concave.
- Nose tip looks low even though it is not.
- Nasolabial folds run deeper around the nose.
- Nasolabial folds look emphasised even without sagging cheeks.
- Depressed area around nose give the mouth protruding looks.
- Gums are protruded. 

Surgical method of Paranasal Augmentation

1. Implant insertion

It is a method to insert a suitable-sized implant into the nasolabial folds.
It can brings the effect of looking smaller appearance and more defined face. 
Also nasolabial folds and protruding mouth can be improved. 
Prominent cheekbone can be subtle and attractive 
and lips gain more attention creating classy looks.

Surgical methods of Implant insertion

1. The operation is performed under localized anaesthesia with IV sedation.

2. 1~1.5 cm incisions are made inside the mouth or nearby the nostrils.

3. Through the incision, the implant such as Silastic or Medpore is inserted 
underneath periosteum nearby nostrils.

4. Implant is easily removable 
just in case revision  or correction surgery are needed.

5. Various customisable implant design often yields highly satisfactory result.

6. Augmentation is semi-permanent because implants do not get absorbed.

2. Autologous Fat Graft

It is to harvest fat from body areas where excess fat is stored such as thighs or hips 
and graft onto your paranasal area in multiple layers. 

This method is also known for body contouring effect since the procedure grafts unnecessary fat from your own body. 

BK Plastic Surgery Hospital has developed to increase survival rate of grafted fat celles to enhance the lasting period and results of the procedure.

Surgical methods of Autologous fat graft

1. The operation is performed under localized anesthesia with IV sedation.

2. Fat is harvested through a thin cannula  from thigh, abdomen and hips.

3. Impurities are filtered out of fat cells using centrifuge. 

4. Fat is evenly grafted in several layers 
from the area around nostrils down to the edges of lips. 

If you want to improve the depressed area of nasolabilal folds, 

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