Thursday 13 September 2012

Gangnam Style went viral all over the world

   Gangnam Style went viral all over the world   

We once have posted PSY's "Gangnam Style" music video, and until today, the video itself has been viral all over the world. 

So many Holywood celebrities like
Justin Bieber, Tom Cruise, Nelly Furtado, and John Mayor
expressed their love towards this song and PSY. 

PSY was also featured not only in magazines and newspapers
such as Rolling Stones and the Wall Street Journal ,
but also featured on various TV shows teaching the show hosts
how to dance the famous invisible horse-riding dance.

His song made a big hit on iTunes and Youtube, of course 
with more than 150 million views. 

PSY appeared as a VIP guest at the MTV Video Music awards 
and surprised everyone with his dance. 

The latest celeb to jump on board ? Britney Spears got a lesson
in how to dance the "Gangnam Style" on The Ellen Degeneres Show. 
Spears had tweeted a link to Gangnam Style, saying,
"I am LOVING this video. Thinking that I should possible learn the choreography. 
Anybody wanna teach me ?!"

Gangnam Style even made it on Urban Dictionary as the Urban Word of the Day,
explaining what it actually means and what it often refers to. 

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