Friday, 9 March 2012

BK Plastic Surgery - The best place to get your hooked nose reshaping

Today, let us talk about hooked nose reshaping. A hooked nose  is also called an aquiline nose because its hump in the middle and slightly bent tip resemble a hawk break. Some call it a 'witch nose' because it looks like a witch's nose in a cartoon.

Hooked nose reshaping has gotten popular among women who are concerned about their noses appearing masculine . Let's look into how a hooked nose reshaping works.

There are two types of hooked nose - slightly hooked nose and severely  hooked nose, and here at the BK Plastic Surgery Hospital, there are two methods of treating these conditions as well.

Slightly Hooked Nose

Simply rasping the hump in the middle of the nose can effectively improve the condition.

Severely Hooked Nose

After protruding bone and cartilage have been cut, nasal bones are bound together in to fill in the gaps. Bent  tip cartilage is, then, raised with autologous cartilage(septal cartilage or ear cartilage) as the supporting structure.

Hooked nose reshaping at BK Plastic Surgery Hospital takes about an hour or two under local anesthesia and IV sedation.  Major swelling that developes during the first few days subside after about 10 days. You may then resume your daily activities.

Rhinoplastic surgery, especially hooked nose reshaping, is a very delicate operation which needs to be performed by experienced surgeons. Make sure you get yours done at BK Plastic Surgery Hospital :)

Click here to see some before & after photos at BK Plastic Surgery Hospital's website.


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