Wednesday 19 September 2012

10 Best Tips that Keep Your Health

  10 Best Tips that Keep Your Health   

You must be busy in taking care of your skin, hair, hands, feet separately. But you must not forget to abide by the Top 10 Health Tips to look beautiful. By following these steps you will have a healthy mind and body. This will in a way result in a beautiful look. The Top 10 Health Tips are mentioned below. This will help you to get a beautiful look from inside and outside:

1) Balanced Diet
It is necessary for you to have a balanced diet to get a beautiful look. A diet is called balanced when it has the right amount of fiber and nutrients. The diet should be low on fat. Have enough fruits and vegetables daily. The food that you consume must be of the right proportion. The right amount of food in necessary for a healthy body and a beautiful look. Consult a dietician and know the exact amount of calories which you should intake in a day. Make sure that your diet should not be less in nutrition or vitamins.

2) Consume different varieties of food
History says in the Ancient Indian Science, consumption of a variety of food helps to get a beautiful body and it cures illness too. Make a habit to eat fruits and vegetables of different colors everyday. The different variety of food should be changed every three months. Remember to eat an apple daily. The apple pectin helps to clean the digestive system. The toxins are removed and it prevents cancer.

3) Breakfast is a must
Have you ever wondered why some people stay much healthy and fit than you. They must not put on much weight too. The reason behind this is that they take a heavy breakfast which you might not take. You should never skip a breakfast. The long gap of no consumption of food affects your health very badly. Our breakfast always comprises of healthy foods and it adds lot of nutrition to our body. The positive effects of breakfast are mentioned below:
  1. It helps to reduce weight.
  2. The body gets enough nutrients daily.
  3. Breakfasts are generally rich in fiber and wholegrain. This in a way help in curing metabolic disorders. Blood pressure, obesity, cholesterol are all controlled by having a nutritious breakfast.
  4. Your breakfast must have fresh fruits, hard boiled egg, fruit juice and whole grain cereals.
  5. A good breakfast also helps to stay stress free.

4) Water is important
Drinking 7-8 glasses of water will help you to wash away the impurities and toxic material from the body. This will help you to get healthy skin and hair. Dehydration results in lethargy and tiredness. The water helps in the fluid circulation in the body. This way you will get rid of the impurities of the body easily.

5) Exercise helps a lot

Exercise will help you to get a healthy body and mind. You would have definitely dreamt of a six packs abs. The perfect figure will help you to wear any dresses of your choice. If you are a female then you have dreamt to have a sexy figure like the models. To get a perfect figure you must exercise regularly. It might not be possible to exercise for more than one hour everyday. In that case exercise for 15-20 minutes daily. This will also help you to get the prefect figure and your skin and hair will glow too.
If you find that doing exercise or going to the gym might not be your cup of tea, then you should go for swimming, aerobic classes, local dance classes. At the most you can go for a walk in the morning too.
The physical exercise will help you to make you beautiful from inside and outside.

6) Say No to tobacco
If you want to stay healthy and young you will have to give up smoking. You must have read about the side effects of tobacco in magazines, newspapers and different books. The bottom line is that tobacco kills. Tobacco will also let different diseases attack you. So, if you are in a habit of smoking then give away the habit. On the other hand if you are a non smoker then never get into smoking. Quit smoking, stay healthy!

7) Avoid stress
Avoiding stress is difficult. But it can be tried too. Stress leads to different diseases and your life gets miserable. Balance work and home. Do not do things which you dislike a lot. Spend at least half an hour everyday doing the things that you love doing. Enjoy your weekends with friends and family. If you like traveling then spend some time to visit the nearest holiday spot with your near and dear ones.
Whatever makes you happy, involve in those. This way you can be distress. Remember that a stress less life is a happy life.

8) Teeth are important
Always remember that teeth are very important for you. You need to take care of your gums very carefully. Gums get infected very fast. You need to brush your teeth twice every day. Avoid sweets to get a healthy gum. Wash your mouth carefully to get healthy gums. Remember that at times gum infections can get very dangerous too.

9) A good sleep is required

You need to sleep well to get a good health. Everyday you must get a sleep of 7-8 hours. If you sleep less then you might have hormonal imbalance. You must get uninterrupted sleep to have a smooth metabolic system. If you are not getting an uninterrupted sleep then you should avoid the followings:
  1. Never intake alcohol before sleeping.
  2. Before going to bed do not consume tea, coffee or chocolates as they are stimulants.
  3. The sleeping habit should be regularized.
  4. Your bedroom should be clean and tidy. The decor that you use should be soothing.
  5. The daytime nap should be shorter.
  6. Try to meditate and have a stress less life.

10) The brain should be active
As we all know that empty mind is a devil’s workshop. So, don’t be ideal. Always engage yourself in something or the other. Get new ideas to do new things. Boredom is really boring. So get a life. This way you will add to your beautiful looks too. If you do not have much work to do, then try out the following things. They might help you:
  1. Try and play a new musical instrument.
  2. A new language can be learnt.
  3. Solve crossword puzzle.
  4. Call your friend to play scrabble.
  5. Attain discussions and forums.
  6. Write blogs and update your account.
  7. Make a new career.
  8. Read unfamiliar books.
  9. Try out a new hobby.
  10. Be connected to the world and see what is happening.

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