Wednesday 26 September 2018

[BK Model Review] BK Model, Yan Zi Qi (Yani)' s Updates!

BK Model, Yan Zi Qi’s Updates!

It’s BK Plastic Surgery Hospital, the center of Korean Plastic Surgery!
We came back to share on BK Model Yani ‘s recent updates!

She had received Receding Chin Correction, Tranconjunctival Lower Blepharoplasty and fat graft on her face.

Receding Chin Correction (otherwise known as the genioplasty with advancement) is a surgery for patient whose neck and chin is not well defined due to the short chin. This surgery improves how the silhouette of the profile looks and also helps the mouth to look less protruded.
Tranconjunctival Lower Blepharoplasty is a scarless procedure to remove eyebags and relocate remaining fat smoothly on lower eyelid with incision through mucous membrane underneath the lower eyelid without the need for stitch removal after the surgery. This surgery shows great result in improving tired looking face by correcting dark circles and concave surface under the eyes.

It’s been two months after Yani got the surgeries!
Why don’t we take a look on her status?

- Before Surgery -
This is the photos that show her full frontal face and left & right profile before the surgery.
During the consultation, she said she wanted her profile to have more defined chin when viewed from the sides and to have her eyelids lifted up to improve the tired look. She also wanted to get fat graft on her face to rejuvenate her overall impression and get rid of the dark circles.

- After A week -
This is a week after the surgery.
From both sides, tip of her chin is slightly advanced to define her chin line.
By repositioning the fat on her lower eyelids and filling up the concave, her dark circles have faded and she doesn’t look tired like before.
Also, her fuller cheek and forehead makes her look younger. But there are still some swellings since it takes time to seem natural on her skin.
Let’s see the current photos of her, shall we?

- After 2 Months -
Yani looks great! Her face looks natural with no swelling. We’re happy to see her face full of energy and pleasant smile!

The effect of Fat graft depends on the person’s body condition and age but is known to be semi-permanent.

We’re happy Yani is happy with the surgery result! We look forward to see Yani’s pretty smile on her SNS and also expect to see her again in Korea!

To learn more about plastic surgeries or make an appointment for consultation, visit BK Plastic Surgery Hospital website at
BK supports your aesthetic beauty and boosts your confidence! 

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