Tuesday 5 June 2018

BK Model - Kitty J. Berry's Real Story! From Treatment to the Last day in the Hospital!

Let’s explore BK Model Kitty’s Acculift Treatment Experience~

It’s BK Plastic Surgery Hospital, the center of Korean Plastic Surgery.

Do you remember BK Model Kitty who visited BK Plastic Surgery Hospital a few days ago?
For those of you who have missed out,
Kitty is a cosplayer from America who enjoys costume play (aka ‘cosplay’) reviving each different characters from well-known animations or game.
She paid a visit in Korea to get “Acculift” for a present for herself for this year’s golden birthday!

* What is “Acculift” treatment that Kitty received?
Acculift is a lifting treatment that melts the sagging or protruding fat on areas like nasolabial fold, double chin, lower eyelid bags. This treatment can contour your face to look younger with firmer skin and sharp silhouette.  

To check out Acculift (Accusculpt) : http://english.bkhospital.com/center/body/body02_02.asp  


Dr. Rhee Byung Jun who gave Kitty the Acculift procedure gave a detailed explanation on post-surgery cautions, follow-up care directions and gave the follow-up treatment on the surgery area. ^^

If the after-care treatment is thorough as well as the Acculift treatment, the result would be more satisfying, right?
We at BK Plastic Surgery Hospital bring satisfying surgery result with high level of safety by running the treatment rooms systematically in order to minimize the discomfort from the surgery.


Kitty’s photo shot after the treatment~!! How does she look?^^
It’s only been three days since Kitty had the Acculift so her chin feels stiff and there are some swellings but she was thrilled to feel he chin-line looked more sharp and slim in the picture. ^^
This day, she took her time exploring the hot places in Seoul and had fun~! 

Now, it’s the 5th day after the surgery!
Kitty came to the hospital for the last after-care treatment!
She was to go back to USA this day, so she took her time asking questions on after-care directions when she got back in USA. 


She also took her photos with the doctor and the consultant too!

Kitty always showed her optimism and cheerful attitude even when she must have felt discomfort from getting the surgery in the hospital~
She was a beauty inside and outside! ^^


Kitty got in the airport taxi the BK Hospital called to arrive.

We waved our good-byes. BK staff will miss her very much!
We at BK hope the time spent in Korea and in BK Hospital left a good memory and we will be looking forward to hear from her and see her beautiful smile with surgery results! ^^

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