Friday 12 April 2013

[BK Plastic Surgery] Anti-aging surgery: Forehead lift

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Anti-Aging Surgery: Forehead Lift


Today we are talking about Forehead lift, 
one of anti-aging procedures.

Wrinkles are one of the most obvious signs of aging process.

Especially, wrinkles on forehead and eyelids make 
individuals look much older than their actual age. 

Such condition can improved by Endotine lift using endoscopy.

Endoscopic lift is a surgical method using an endoscope 
to accurately resect the muscle which causes wrinkles 
and firmly relocate skin and muscle.

 Endotine, apporved by FDA in 2003, is a specialized implant commonly 
used for lift procedures in worldwide.

1. Incision

Incision is normally made at 3 places behind of hairline 
and 2 placed in side of both ears for 1~2cm length. 

After incision, an endoscope is inserted to proceed the surgery.

2. Separation and Fixation

1. Separate tissues from forehead and 
underneath temporal fascia of side hairline.

2. Resect the muscle which creates wrinkles between the eyes.

3. Pull up the separated tissues using Endotine 
and firmly fix on forehead.

Endotine is absorbed into skin within a year yet leaves very strong effect 
for lifting droopy skin for a long time. 

Minimum incision allows scar to be unnoticeable after surgery.

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