Wednesday 20 June 2012

Enhancing your appearance with Nosewing Reduction


Hello folks! Beauty Girl's here again!
How's thing these days? I just wanna say 
Don't forget to apply sun block cream every 2hrs. 
Try to protect your skin against UV rays! :)

Anyway, I'm going to introduce nosewing reduction today which requires high level technique.

There are two different types of nosewing reduction surgery. 
BK, has advanced expertise in nose surgery, may apply either Alar Base Reduction or Nostril Fastening to make your nose look beautiful and smaller 

Alar base reduction

First, wide nosewing is often a result of excessive skin or subcutaneous tissues. Alar base reduction involves excision of excessive skin at the base of nosewing, which reduces the size of nostrils.

Excision scars, formed between the nostrils and cheeks, are nearly invisible after 2~3 months.

Nostril Fastening

Nostrils that are wide at the bottom can be tightened with sutures after shallow resection has been made around the alar base.  Scars are formed between the bottom of nose and philtrum, making it difficult to notice under the nose shadow.

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