Thursday, 19 July 2018

Special Service for Overseas Patients of BK Plastic Surgery Hospital

Special Service for Overseas Patients of BK Plastic Surgery Hospital

Hello, It’s BK Plastic Surgery Hospital!
BK Hospital not only has steady flow of local patients but influx of patients from overseas countries as well.
We introduce special service for foreigner patients provided exclusively from BK Plastic Surgery Hospital.

BK International Patient Service 1. 
Airport Pick-up/ Sending Service (International Taxi)

Using advance reservation, BK provides airport pick-up and sending service.
The limo driver will chauffeur the patient in a hospitable manner and safely from airport to BK Plastic Surgery Hospital and vice versa.

BK International Patient Service 2
Hotel Reservation

BK provides hotel reservation service for the patients comfortable stay in the hotel affiliated with BK Hospital during pre or post surgery.
BK patients can reserve the rooms in 10 or more hotels affiliated with BK Hospital for specially discounted room fee.

BK International Patient Service 3
Long-term Accommodation 

BK provides long term accommodations in the same building and the patients can receive treatments with check-up on their status according to their own schedule during the recovery period.

BK International Patient Service 4
Translation System

BK’s staff who can translate medical terms provides personalized one-on-one service from consultation and surgery to post-surgery care.
The general process from consultation to the last post-surgery treatment and care is accompanied by global BK translator who speaks English, Chinese, Mongolian, Russian, Japanese, and Vietnamese.

BK International Patient Service 5
Online Consultation and Surgery Appointment

BK operates several homepage for different language group, enabling fast and easy 24 hour online consultation & reservation service, and the patients can have direct consultation locally with the medical experts via international/video consultation.

BK International Patient Service 6
Post-surgery Care

BK assists fast recovery with intensive care service after personalized one-on-one treatment with medical translator in charge to ensure smooth communication.

BK International Patient Service 7
Follow-up Care after Departure

BK checks the patients’ post-surgery and treatment status regularly through hot-lines with the coordinator in charge by communication system that keeps in touch with the patient overseas.

BK International Patient Service 8
Declaration of Entry Issue

BK issues every foreign patient the declaration of entry for their convenient departure after the surgery.

BK International Patient Service 9
Global Tax Return for Plastic Surgery

BK provides easy explanations of the process for tax return in airports and other places. Expenses below 5,000,000 won(KRW) can be reimbursed easily through the machine in the hospital building without going through the complicated process.

BK International Patient Service 10
Convenient Payment Service

BK accepts not only credit cards and cash in Korean currency (KRW) but mobile payment(WechatPay,Alipay) as well. BK Hospital is also the very first plastic surgery hospital to adopt Bitcoin payment service as well.
Also, overseas remittance (Paypal) is accepted.

BK International Patient Service 11
Singapore BK Aesthetic Treatment 

BK Aesthetic Clinic located IN Singapore’s Novena Medical Center provides treatment and consultation as well.
You can get the same quality of service you get in Korea’s BK Hospital in Singapore BK Clinic.

BK International Patient Service 12
Medical Visa Issue

Medical visa is issued to patients who wish to get the surgery in BK Plastic Surgery Hospital and assists entry preparations for the patients’ convenience.

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