Monday 28 November 2016

[BK plastic surgery] Foods that reduce swelling

[BK plastic surgery] Foods that reduce swelling

Here in Korea are many high school students 
who want to improve their look with plastic surgery 
after their university entrance test. 

But since they still have school to go to, 
they are worried about swelling after a surgery. 

Let’s talk about how to reduce swelling.

1. Pumpkin!

We think of pumpkin when we hear swelling in Korea. 

Pumpkin is one of the most famous foods 
that reduce swelling. 

Pumpkin is highly recommended for those 
who just have given birth or who have been injured, 
as it warms up your body and helps with diuretic action. 

Pumpkin is known for cold hands and cold feet 
as well as swelling. 

We mostly eat it in a juice, 
but we also have it boiled or make it to porridge.

2. Sea mustard; Seaweed

Seaweed is also good for swelling. 

Pumpkin reduces swelling with its diuretic action, 
whereas seaweed does its job by purifying one’s blood. 

Kalium in seaweed will get rid of sodium in your body,
resulting in less and less swelling. 

It is supposed to help with your blood circulation, 
so those with chronic body or lower body edema 
should also be interested in eating seaweed regularly.

3. Garlic and Tomato

Garlic and tomato, as well, 
reduce one’s swelling by purifying blood. 

Garlic especially is perfect for swelling. 
Grilled or boiled, it does not lose its effectiveness. 

Tomato is now best known then ever 
for reducing swelling, so those with big faces 
in the morning may try this too. 

You will see the result in no time J!

4. Corn silk tea

Full of polyphenol and flavonoid
corn silk tea or corn floss tea can reduce swelling 
and make your tummy feel better.

We highly recommend these foods above 
if you are worried about injuries and surgeries. 

Along with these ingredients, foot bath, massages 
and lower-body bath can help you a lot. 

Now, don’t worry and visit us at 
BK plastic surgery hospital 
for your better look and better future J

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