Friday 3 January 2014

[BK Plastic Surgery] BK Style S-Line Body Contouring

For those who want to have a beautiful body shape that we usually call "S-Line," BK Style suggests you types of body contouring, Today, we would like to post about "Calf Reduction" method. 

1. Non-Incision Nerve Block 

2. Advantages of Non-Incision Nerve Block 

Q. How is it differ from other methods??

Non-Incision Nerve Block causes...
 -No Scars
-Very little bruises
-Large proportion of calf reduced from one session
-Quick recovery ( Daily activities are possible right after procedure; sight stiffness for 2~3 weeks)

*Inner Gastrocnemius*

90% of calf-related dissatisfaction comes from unattractive appearances when wearing high hills or squeezing calf muscles. 
Unless there are other issues involved, calves can successfully be reshaped simply with non-incision nerve block. 

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