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[BK Plastic Surgery] Skinny Liposuction

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Skinny Liposuction

Liposuction is effective for body contouring in a short amount of time. This time of the year, It is one of the most admired surgery amongst people. Other methods of losing weight such as diet and exercise take time to be effective. That is why many people choose liposuction to achive slimming effect in a short amount of time.

Skinny liposuction

BK Plastic Surgery Hospital increases effectiveness of plastic surgery with liposlim-removes unbalanced and excessive accumulated fat layer through liposuction and Ultrajet

Characteristics of skinny liposuction

It removes large amount of fat in a short period of time. Therefore, duration is short.

It leaves fewer scars because of least incision. And also, it will guarantee you to return to a daily life in a short period of time.

You don’t need to worry about bruise, swelling, bleeding, pain, and yo-yo effect. Recovery time is also short.

Since it only broadly targets subcutaneous fat, you can rarely see your skin to be bumpy.

It selectively target collagen of skin, so it increases elasticity of sagged skin.

Liposuction on various parts in BK Plastic Surgery Hospital


Face is usually an area where a large amount of fat cannot be removed, but liposuction can be effective if the face holds excessive fat for its bone structure, Fat removal can better define facial lines along the lower jaw and neck, and provide an effect of lifting sagging face.


Arm is the area that greatly benefits from liposuction. Liposuction on arms aims for 70% fat reduction without sagginess afterwards.

-Axilla, Back

The back consists of hard and dense fat cells with abundant fibers, thus once accumulated; fat on the back cannot be lost easily. Liposuction on axilla area, on the other hand, aims to make captivating skin surfaces by removing fat and cellulite, with consideration of possible accessory breast as well.


Abdomen area can easily gain, but difficult to lose weight for both men and women. Abdomen is mostly a flat, broad area-liposuction needs be evenly performed leaving small amount of subcutaneous fat to create a smooth abdomen surface. Liposuction on abdomen usually makes a distinct visual difference, which satisfies most patients.

-Thigh, hip

Thigh/hip that are relatively larger compared to the upper torso, are not always aesthetically pleasing. Exercise and diet, in this case, often affect other parts of body except thigh and hip. It is important to maintain a proportional balance by removing fat all around the thigh from the upper hip down to the knee. Removal of cellulite keeps the skin surface smooth and removing fat from hips results in a longer and straighter looking lower body.

-Calf, Ankle

Slim calves and thin ankles are requisites for the ideal body shape. Before surgery, it is important to find out whether calves are fatty or muscular. Liposuction is applied in case of fatty calves or the mixture of fat and muscles. Muscular types requires calf reduction and neurectomy.

No more of excess fat, and it is time to increase your elasticity of body.
 If you are willing to show off captivating vikini fashion, we recommend you skinny liposuction of BK Plastic Surgery Hospital. 

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TEL: +82-2-544-0404


TEL: +82-2-544-0404

TEL: +82-2-544-0404

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