Saturday 29 June 2013

[BK Plastic Surgery] 3D Cheekbone Reduction

BK Plastic Surgery
3D Cheekbone Reduction

Many people are interested in facial contouring, and small face is a symbol of beauty.
Among surgical procedures of BK Plastic Surgery Hospital, 3D Cheekbone Reduction is widely admired by people. 

Self diagnosis for 3D Cheekbone Reduction

Face is flat, and width of face, especially center of face is wide.
When looking at face from front, protruded zygoma make face line appear unbalanced.
If you look at face from 45 degree lateral, you can only see zygoma.
The lower part of zygoma appear furrowed and shadowed.

3D Cheekbone is a great choice for those who belong to one of the followings..

1. Laterally Protruding Cheekbones
Prominent cheekbone may create strong appearances with shades underneath cheekbones. Such bone structures need adjustment for a better balance with other facial features.]

2. Wide Face in General
Wide face originates from a large skeleton structure.
Reducing the width of overall cheekbone frame will create slimmer face.

3. Overdeveloped cheekbones

When cheekbones are protruding underneath the eyes, removing rough curves from the lateral sides of the face should result in a more refined, younger-looking face.

3D Cheekbone Reduction of BK Plastic Surgery Hospital reducing protruding cheekbone.

Procedure reduces overall facial size and refines facial contour by adjusting cheekbone in all angles creating volume. 

Advantages of 3D Cheekbone Reduction of BK Plastic Surgery Hospital

Beautiful facial sillouette

Most Koreans(Asians) have flat faces with laterally prominent cheekbones, which usually end up with rectangular shape after typical cheekbone reduction is performed. Therefore, cheekbone reduction is the most effective when anterior, lateral and 45 degree cheekbones are all fully considered. 

Accurate Diagnosis

Cheekbone has a complex 3 dimensional structure with other facial bone fragments around it. BK Plastic Surgery Hospital uses x-ray analysis and computer imaging to maximize the precision of operation. 

4 steps to prevent sagging cheeks

sagging cheeks are prevented by following the principles such as bone fixation, masticatory muscles-secured bones, and minimum dissection. 

Minimum Scar
Making incisions inside mouth and sideburn areas minimizes chance of scar visibility. 

In order for you to have a small face and slim facial line, be sure to check 3D Cheekbone Reduction of BK Plastic Surgery Hospital. 

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TEL: +82-2-544-0404


TEL: +82-2-544-0404

TEL: +82-2-544-0404

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  1. cheek reduction Treatment is most effective in patients with big cheeks but an otherwise narrow face. If the skull base is diffusely wide (orange line), the slimming effect will appear smaller.