Thursday 28 February 2013

[BK Plastic Surgery] 3 Best Tips to prevent acne

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3 Best Tips to Prevent Acne

Usually acne is reduced after puberty.

But these days 20s get pimples again 
because of much stress, environmental pollution etc.

Today let's find out how to prevent acne for clear skin.

In order to prevent acne, eat food rich in vitamins.

You should eat a lot of carrot and spinach.

Especially eating carrots is very good for the eyes.

And antioxidative component in carrot helps 
to reduce sebum excretion.

Also spinach helps to destroy a free radicals 
and to reduce sebum excretion like a carrot.

Drink green tea frequently.

ë…ąGreen tea helps to lose weight and it is very effective for skin care treatment.

Catechin, the active ingredients in green tea, 
helps stop anti-aging and minimize pores.

Also it has sterilized effect so the infection can be reduced down.

Eat various fish various fish like salmon, tuna etc rather than meat.

It helps control hormone so acne can prevent to be broken out. 

The most important thing to prevent acne is not getting stress.

Let' get the stress off!

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