Wednesday 23 January 2013

[BK Plastic Surgery] 3D Beauty Make-up

3D Beauty Make-up 

Today’s Make-up is Three-Dimensional Beauty makeup.
It enhances the contours of the face and appears to be more three-dimensional.

Many people are interested in the 3D Beauty Make up 
after it was introduced on the cable TV program “Get it Beauty”.

Then let’s look at it.

First, skin care is the most important for the makeup.
You can feel clean and relaxed skin texture with the foundation work.
And when you choose a foundation lotion, consider the color of your skin.
It helps to express natural skins.

You should use cosmetics with good texture and UV protection.
You will then feel very comfortable during the makeup.

Finally, you should clearly emphasize one point 
when you have the 3D Makeup in other to define your face line.

Thus, we checked the 3D Beauty Make up briefly.
As I mentioned above, the method makes your face contour defined.
Challenge this method if you want to get to the point makeup and look different with other people.

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